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Raytheon 05-27-2019 03:14 PM

Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
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This one is called the 'Daedalus' due to a little poll I ran on the Resin Illuminati Facebook Page.
It was never intended to be a specific shuttle so I asked for name
suggestions from a list and 'Daedalus' won, simple as that.

The 4 page wip log for this can be found here:

The full gallery on my site can be found here:

A few selected pics!

And that's it!


TEL20102 06-05-2019 04:20 PM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Nice work Ian..
I think that is the nicest most detailed shuttle I have seen.
I remember you saying this to me, "When the model is no longer the first thing you notice when entering a room, then it's time for it to go" So when will she be on Evilbay? It has been over a week now and I know it is how you roll..:thumbsup:

Raytheon 06-06-2019 01:27 AM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Thanks Terry!
You are quite correct sir and funny story there.

The very evening I posted the gallery to my site I got a phone call from an old customer. Over the course of the chat, he mentioned he has a built up full stack Moonraker shuttle in need of some tarting up, he's been talking about getting it sorted for years.

I happened to mention this one, he went and had a look, said he'd have it and price agreed to so that was that.

Chief D.D. Maxwell 06-07-2019 12:55 PM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Love this beauty, first real space kit I had seen in quite some time now! :cool:

Raytheon 06-09-2019 03:32 AM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Thanks Chief, she didn't turn out too shabby in the end. :icon_thumright:

AdmiralBuck 06-09-2019 07:42 AM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
That is absolutely another masterpiece Ian! Exquisite beyond compare. Such a joy to follow your builds and this one was again an education in pure craftsmanship.

Raytheon 06-09-2019 11:22 PM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Thanks Bill, I really appreciate the kind words my friend!
Glad you enjoy the ride along, I can't help but feel duty bound to share the pain and giggles around. guffaw :D

Madhatter 06-27-2019 02:25 AM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
I haven't ventured into this section until I saw your n a me on this thread and mate, what a build! I really like this and its making me want to buy a shuttle kit - which is something I never thought I'd write in the same sentence . The lighting is a nice touch and the decals look great. I personally like the scratch built nose thrusters.
I wish my models were at a standard where I could successfully sell. Extra qudos to you for that !

Raytheon 06-30-2019 05:58 AM

Re: Monogram Space Shuttle 'Daedalus' 1/72nd Scale
Thanks MH! I know what ya mean, odd how you would never think of building certain things but what the hell. Never a bad thing just to try something new/different from time to time.

The sale of this was more luck that anything to be honest but it's a few beer tokens in my pocket and I don't have to dust it so high fives all round :D

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