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Raytheon 06-05-2021 03:50 AM

Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
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Ahoy one and all!
The old post on this is a bit too old and much has changed in the nearly 10 years since I got this kit so let's start again.

One from the 'Made a lousy job of building it the first time around so let's see if I can do better this time' list.
Sadly my wishes and skills were not within a bloody country mile of each other back then.
Though I think i've closed the gap to a few hundred yards since then.

To the kit now, all this and more pics are on the website WIP log:

To cut what will be a long story as short as possible...
Here's the kit I managed to get off weevilbay almost 10 years ago.

An oldie for sure but a goodie methinks.

All the bits are there and completely untouched which is always a bonus. I won't bore you with all the sprue shots, those are all on the WIP log,
but this has a pretty decent interior with a western theme. I intend to detail out to the best of my ability and build on what's there.

And what's in there screams 1970's...

The reel to reel tape deck.

I will replace that with a 3D printed one.
The built in black and white TV and plenty of diamond pattern Naugahyde vynil on the walls.

Right then, the start of the build...
The frame/chassis parts cleaned up with the steps and holes it shouldn't have, patched and filled as required.

Frame with steering/suspension stuff all assembled by the numbers and glued to the floor plate.

A decent coat of gunship grey...

Mucho black wash and neutral grey drybrushing later gets this...

Firewall, supplied piping and brake lines all on.

Granted that this is most likely never going to get seen once the model is done but it's a decent paintwork excercise so all good.
Same will be true for the engine, speaking of which and a by the numbers assembly again with only the supplied parts.
The assembled and cleaned up small block V8 and transmission.

Dark orange, metallic grey and silver where needed, dark dirt wash and a bit of drybrushing got the basis done.

The rest of the detail bits got thrown at it, the supplied ingnition wiring also.

Sides of the floor plate given a lick of silver, some aluminium foil tape for carpet divider strips laid on.

Flocking time of a sort! Red leather painted in the areas to get the slightly fuzzy stuff.

Used embossing powder for the carpet, much raw and thinneed PVA got slapped on in sveral layers to get the ruffled/70's shagplie effect as near as I could manage.

That will do. Radiator, piping, engine, drive shaft and fuel tank installed.

Now to turn my attention to the meat of the matter, the interior stuff.
The engine cover part. Vallejo red leather base, drybrushed up with light brown, desert yellow, then the same in two layers with some white added.
A coat of satin varnish for the genuine 70's Naugahyde vynil look.

The tray/storage bin gone over with the left over desert yellow/white mix.

Drinks tray done in insignia white.

Now since this is a 70's van, we have a reel to reel tape deck but always in need of an 8 Track player so
some 3D printing got one installed in the dash.

And a dry fitted cassette end.

Of course we need some driving music and can't go wrong with some Pink Floyd, The Doobie Brothers and Boston.
3D printed cores, a bit of paint and some DIY waterslide decals.

And what road trip happens without soda?
Like the tapes, 3D printed cores, paint and decals.

Dry fit looksee and methinks I kinda like what I see so it's a start.

Tha'll do it for now, more to come at some point.

SCI-FI 06-05-2021 12:52 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
And I love the choice of 8-tracks...


Raytheon 06-05-2021 03:42 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
I thnak ya kindly SF, so far so good mate!

Well things going on and update page posted:

It has all you have already seen and some stuff not shown i'll now show that below.
Made a start on the reel to reel tape deck, and by making a start, I mean making it go away.

Now I had an idea for a long while about this so time to see if that idea has any merit. Out with the polygon punching program and 12 meshes run up to make this.

Idea being to use a tiny motor and gearbox the make the reels turn. Prototype print done and assembled.

Unfortunately the gearbox has a top end of 60 RPM. When transferred to the reels, that makes it about 4 RPM.
Way too slow so higher rev unit on the way at this time of keyboard pounding.
Overall looks way better than the stock part so winning so far

The printed unit is held in by four 1.5 X 3mm screws which don't look too far out of place scale wise so good enough for me.

More to come some time or another.

SCI-FI 06-05-2021 05:18 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Great work!

Turning reel-to-reel means video -- hopefully with audio based on the appropriate 8-track choice....


Raytheon 06-06-2021 02:32 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Cheers SF!
It does indeed and this will be hooked up to an MP3 player/amplifier board and speakers under the bed. At least that's the plan.

Raytheon 06-13-2021 04:48 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Still plodding on and the reel to reel is pretty much a done thing.

To keep it short and sweet, parts printed proper, some paint, decals, a couple of SMD LEDs and a bit of faffing about get's this.

Test fit looks good.

Housing all painted up with stock drink bottles painted and fitted.

A sliver of 5thou" styrene painted and placed for the tape through the heads look.

Whole thing assembled and decals added to the reels.

And powered up, all running off 3 volts.

Video of it doing it's thing on Youtube.

That bit down, several to go.


SCI-FI 06-13-2021 09:34 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
And the decals make it perfect...


Raytheon 06-14-2021 07:47 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Cheers SF, one does ones best mate!

SCI-FI 06-16-2021 08:21 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
*MILD* Loki Spoilers, perhaps....

Similar reel-to-reel players were a-plenty in today's episode of Loki...
You were well acquitted in their apperance.


BB43MAN 06-18-2021 11:17 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Dude! That's fucking awesome!

Raytheon 06-20-2021 04:23 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
I thank ya kindly BB!

Trekriffic 06-22-2021 07:24 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Wow! This tale of the tape (player) is amazing! This is the “reel” thing for sure. I am in awe how detailed this is for its size. You are an amazing modeler Raytheon.

Raytheon 06-23-2021 05:01 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Most kind of you to say Trek, very much appreciated mate! Sometimes the wierd ideas work out and this would appear to be one of those times :D :icon_thumright:

Just a little update as such. All you have seen in the last bit posted plus a wee bit more, on the latest update page.

Slightly abridged version in pics and minimal waffle as follows...
No decals for the dash but some image searching and laser printed decal doo-dads got that sorted.
A little bit of paintwork, two tiny styrene chips for the AC sliders, fitted the cassette end in to the 8 Track player and calling the dash a done deal.

On to the seats. Orange brown base, mucho light brown and white drybrushing on the cushion areas.
The rest of the seats got a Flory Models rust wash duly stippled on for that 70's patterned vynil look.
A goodly coat of matt varnish to the cushion parts, satin for the rest.
Seats and engine cover installed proper.

Stock material and parts for the seat belts sorted.

Steering wheel/column sorted and in place.

That's the lot for now.
Later people!

SCI-FI 06-26-2021 08:42 AM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
That detail is just bonkers --
squints at the 8-track
K C and the Sunshine Band?
Outstanding work!


Raytheon 06-26-2021 05:23 PM

Re: Revell 1/16th Chevy Custom Van Movin' Out
Cheers SF! :icon_thumright:

Well not much of an update to speak of but one little matter attended to. The side door part is just a single lump that one assumes
you can just remove to view the interior like it shows on the side of the box.

Well the prob here is that the upright exhaust stack is attached to the said side part.
A bit of a ponder and a good look at later showed that said stack gets in the way of the door hinging like a real one would so decided on a slight cheat.
A bit of slicing about later got the door separated. A couple of tiny neodymium magnets and a couple of steel pin heads got thrown in to the mix,
along with some styrene and Aves.

Door closed.

Door open.

Not brilliant but not too shabby either so going with it.
Getting the job done by fair means or foul, foul if that's what it takes and it usually does :D

More later!

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