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Tiberious 08-18-2017 03:35 PM

1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
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Well, after a little hiatus, my mojo is back! Sitting above the desk has been a Tamiya Do-335 awaiting patiently, and now it is finally being spooged together.

I'll be using some extras, such as an Eduard PE set for the cockpit and gear wells, resin exhausts and wheels.

I used some of the PE in the gear bays, but substituted thin wire when the thin PE became too much for my meat hooks to contend with.

The seat, with its arms up in surrender.

...wiring the dash.

And all squeezed together.

Doing a little more work in the bays, then I'll start painting the interior bits.

All for now!

Jim NCC1701A 08-18-2017 03:57 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
This is going to look great!

Tiberious 08-21-2017 03:55 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Thank you!

I did a little work on the wheel bays, adding some piping here and there. It's close to an image I found on line, but definitely not exact!

First I drilled some stating holes.

Then I got some scrap to fill in some detail.

Then I did this, before I got tired of it and said that was enough!

Now I need to get some paints and start coloring this stuff.

Madhatter 08-22-2017 07:37 AM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Glad to hear you got your mojo back Thom and I gotta say bro - nice come back!! This will look fantastic when it's done :thumbsup:

Tiberious 08-22-2017 07:12 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Thank you!

I got some paint on it today. I'll do a little more tomorrow and post more pics!:)

Tiberious 08-26-2017 05:32 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Update time! The parts still needs some scuffing and wearing, but they're almost ready to go.

One of the PE levers pinged off into the aether and was replaced with a bit of wire.

The instrument panel is the kit part with the detail sanded down, the kit decal applied and sealed under a clear coat, and then pre-painted PE placed over that.

Once dry, I touched up between the PE pieces with the RLM grey.

The dials aren't exactly centered, but it will only be viewed once in place from above anyway...

And from behind.

A little scuffing to be added and then this will be closed into the fuse!

Tiberious 08-27-2017 08:00 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'

AdmiralBuck 08-28-2017 07:43 AM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Wow! That instrument panel is a masterpiece on it's own!

Tiberious 08-29-2017 05:06 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Thank you, Admiral! It's a few steps forward and a few steps back, as you know. Lost a few PE pieces and some cockpit levers that had to be replaced with wire, but still good.

I couldn't resist a test fit.

Tiberious 09-01-2017 04:22 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Got a little more work done today. The wings are going together. After they dry I'll sand their edges and do the wingtip lights.

Also doing a little gear work. smoothing out some badly placed depressions...

Then onto finishing the cockpit. The last to be done were some fabric seatbelts, which was a fortunate choice. I found a pic on-line that has the shoulder straps wrapped up behind the headrest, and the regular PE belts would have been a pain to deal with. I think having them tucked up is also a nice change from most other builds that have them mostly draped down.

Another happy accident was the crackled paint. I have no idea why it did that, but now it looks very much like a padded head rest.

And really being careful to NOT knock the table right now!!

Happy modeling!

Tiberious 09-20-2019 07:37 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Alright, it has been a little while for this one!

I had pulled it down just to take a look at it and just for gaggles decided to test fit the port wing... Mistake.
Good 'ol Tamiya had put locking tabs on the wing spars, so that wing was suddenly locked into place.

But it's like that was the deciding moment to get this back onto the table!
I secured the wing fully and glued the spine panel in place.

With that on I decided to leave the other off for the moment and moved onto the nose guns.
They are integral to the nose cover and not hollow, so a drill bit was used to open them up before that was glued on.

The engine intakes were then glued together and added on.

The fit of the front one was not great however so I decided to take it off. Luckily it just popped off with almost
no pressure at all, so obviously I didn't use enough glue!:rolleyes:

With that off I put some styrene spacers into its spot.

I also needed a bit of spacer under the cone-end of the intake and sanded all that flat.

That was glued into place (again) for a much better fit. The white is the styrene where there had been a pretty big gap.

That'll be much easier to fill later on. Next up was the wingtip lights, which are solid on the kit. I used a dremel to cut
some lines in and then a square fiel to deepen and define in. After that I flattened out some clear spru and glued those in place.
These were then sanded smooth.

After that it was time to put the other wing in place. The canopy is taped down to keep my fingers from trying to poke
in and fly the plane.

Gears legs next. I glued them together and then used stretched sprue and wire as hoses and break lines.

The oleos are going to be a bit of a let down on this. That's not the kits fault but mine. From now on I'm going to paint
the oleo first, mask them and then continue with construction and paint.

It was at this point that I noticed a wide gap on the starboard wing join. No idea how that happened...

There were normal ones in other places that were easily taken care of with Perfect Plastic Putty. That was then
easily wiped off with wet cotton buds.

Moving forward, I glued in the provided weight, thanks Tamiya, and then closed up the nose.

With that done, I had to respray the gear bays, mainly because the big gap in the starboard wing, and the PPP that
filled it, showed up quite easily.

With color in the airbrush I also hit the seam lines around the bomb bay and the wing roots and found the lines looking
real good.

After that, the canopy was glued into place. I chose to close it up this time, mainly because the edges around the cockpit
were not looking that good. There is more than enough clear 'glass' to see the interior though so I'm not sweating that.

The masks were put in place on the canopy and the light on the wing edge was painted silver and covered with the clear

Finally, I've come to the paint stage!! I used the black to hit the panel lines for a preshade, after hitting the wing tip lights
with clear red/green.

Black green was sprayed onto the props and hubs, after their central structures had been hit with aluminum and masked.

Then I started spraying the blue onto the bottom.

Unfortunately, that was where I had to take a few steps back...

The gap on the starboard wing join was just too big for me to ignore. I tried PPP, but wiping it with a wet cotton bud wasn't
fixing it and worried about rescribing a panel line through it if I sanded it. I then tried Miliput, but that also had less then
satisfactory results.

So I resorted to styrene. I took a few strips of real thin styrene and laid them along the seam line and glued them down.

After that was sanded I was left with the wing join still there (though some of it will need to be rescribed near the front)
and just a few other panel lines to reinstate.

The weekend is coming around again, so I hope to have that cleaned up and then get back to paint. And for that, I've
decided to stray away from Tamiya, which doesn't cater to all the RLM colors without a lot of mixing, and got this!

And that's all for now.

Model on!

Tiberious 09-25-2019 06:50 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Alright, after trying too many alternatives rather than the one that would work I finally pulled out the CA and dabbed it along the length of the join. I did it a section at a time, making sure to sand and then scribe the new seam line while the CA was still not too hard to work with. In the end, again, I should have done this first!

Here it is under a spray of color to check how it looks.

Tons better! I'd even go so far as to say that it looks factory worthy.:rolleyes:

With that done I moved back to paint, trying out the Hataka paints for the first time. Unfortunately, it didn't spray too well through my airbrush. I would get a few moments of good spray and then it would stop up again. So, rather than being good straight from the bottle as I had hoped, it needs to be thinned a bit.

This is just after I had to stop again (and go to work...)

After that I finished up with the Hataka light blue, but it was still a lot of stopping and starting and I was having no fun with it.

I had been using Tamiya light blue for the bottom color and so I went back to that. To thin the Hataka I'm going to have to put it into a bottle so I can add the thinner and I don't have enough of those at the moment.

On the bright side, they are so close in shade, the Tamiya being a little bluer, that I used it to help with shading panel centers. After that I pulled out the sponges in the wheel wells to see some touch ups needed, so I masked with Tamiya tape and went back over those edges.

The desk lamp is washing out a lot of the color, but you can see the variations a little clearer on the far wing. With that done, I'm going to give that a day to dry before I lightly sand it with a fine grain of sponge to smooth it out and then start masking for the upper colors.

More later. Model on!

SCI-FI 09-30-2019 05:39 AM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
I love the plugs for the landing gear wells.
Awesome work—

Tiberious 09-30-2019 05:38 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
Thanks! They did work for the most part, but did need a touch up. Should them a little tighter next time.

Tiberious 10-01-2019 06:40 PM

Re: 1/48 Do-335 'Arrow'
I masked the underside and got the second color on today. Rather than use the Hataka brand, I stayed with Tamiya, using XF-58.
I coated the top enough to show the shadows underneath.

Once that's dry I'll sand with a fine grain pad to knock down the roughness that you can feel more than see, and then give it a protective gloss coat. After that, I'll mask and then spray the Hataka RLM70(?)

More later. Model on!

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