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Raytheon 01-22-2020 02:34 AM

1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
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Greetings one and whoever else is reeading this.
Been playing with me new toy and apart from commish related stuff and what have you, doing a bit for meself.
Full details on my site, link thing below:

Abridged version here abouts:

Got a mesh from CGtrader for the princely sum of five George Washington portraits and got to work.

The mesh was by someone whos user name is rikkthegaijin and it's not only good, the parting is along natural lines so the parts breakdown for painting is exteremly good.
Linky to the site page below:

Site linky below:

Couple of renders from the site page so one can see what she looks like....

With the optional cape which I will not be using...

Not a named or known to me superhero but like I care

So then, all the parts got hollowed out rather than leave solid as that ups the resin requirement to silly levels and since the resin is far from cheap, it makes sense.
Now scale in mesh terms is a bit irellevant as it can be scaled anyway ya like when it comes to printing.
So taking the largest part and scaling/rotating/faffing about with and off one did go in the hope i'd hit all the correct buttons.

Turns out I may have done just that.

Now there's more than a few bits of support material marks let over but this grey resin sands down really nicely so that was done and I put back the zipper tab i'd managed to break off.

Likewise clean up applied to the rest of the parts.

Then lo, the hallowed primer got slung about and a dry fit test was in order with the parts at hand. The boots were still printing at this time

Base was fiddled about with to make it fit on the build plate and done in tough resin. Reason being that the grey resin is good if a bit brittle so some oomph need to hold this gal up proper.

That's just going to get a polish up and left as is.

So the boots printed, cleaned up and just some minor surface defects to sand once the filler cures but had to have a dry fit dress rehersal.
Well I didn't have to, I just wanted to...

In this setup, she stands 17 & 1/2" tall.

Just the boots to finally finish and then...the paintwork!
Oh yes!!

More later gang

Raytheon 01-23-2020 02:28 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero
And lo, the paintwork didst commnce.

Flesh paint basic Tamiya flesh ala rattlecan, lighter tones via Vallejo base flesh, airbrush blasted on.

Then in with the ground pastel chalks for final shading and an airbrush matt coat to seal.

Same deal with the hands and face.

Now comes the make or break for me with pretty much any figure, the face paint and most importantly, the eyes.
More to come!

Raytheon 01-24-2020 12:08 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero
Well the days work hasn't turned out too badly so far...

More to come!

Raytheon 01-26-2020 02:42 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero
Ok, body paint done.
Vallejo cold white left matt with some ground blue pastel chalk for shading,
Flat red areas with a drop of black for the first coat, second coat a with straight red and a bit of sqinting to leave the deliniation lines.
Blue areas done with Royal blue base then dry brushed straight with a drop of white, final going over lightly with a bit more white added.
0.5mm pencil lines here and there for sharp deliniation lines where needed.
The whole deal matt varnished.

Zippers picked out in Vallejo old gold and a dab of white gold here and there.
Red areas got a gloss coat, blue areas got satin.

For a change, wanted some gold and silver but did it with silver and gold leaf, mainly for curiosity to see how it would look and for why the hell not.

The gold I am very happy with, the silver not so much, could have used paint and probably got the same finish so kind of a 1-0 score on that and moving on.
Also there were times it looked like a gold and silver snowstorm in the workshop but the floor and me looked really sparkly and fabulous!

Bit of brass rod, a hole drilled, some epoxy stay put ya bugger gunk applied and the head was attached.

And that's it for now, just the forearms and boots to do then i'll get my thing together and get this lass together.
More to come gang!

Raytheon 01-27-2020 04:32 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero
And the last bits!
Forearm glove/bracer like thingies painted.
Flat red with a gloss coat, Royal blue with dry brushing to bring out the creases then satin varnished.
Also did her nails in flat flesh with some light flesh touches, then gloss varnished and a sepia wash around the edges.

Done and done, started on the boots. Gloss red tops and the gilding went according to plan...
Which is always nice I feel. The rest of the boots in Royal blue with some dark lining,
dry brushing to bring out the detail and a satin coat to finish.

Gloves and boots attached roughly where they should be.

The base was just given a sanding down and several coats of Tamiya clear pearl just so I could finally use up what was left in the can.
Those little dots you can see in the base are just the internal support material from the print.

Base and main event joined.

And that's it, she be a done thing! And looking very nice if I do say so meself...
And I just did :D

And that's that gang!
I'll put up a gallery proper in appropriate section once i've done it. Hope you've enjoyed this little turnout.
Have to say i'm happy with her and actually enjoyed the build for the most part which makes a nice change.

Take care all!

TEL20102 01-28-2020 04:59 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
Lovely work Ian. Flesh tones are good, there is enough of it, doesn't leave too much to the imagination..wank

Raytheon 01-29-2020 10:06 AM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
Terry sah! I thank ya and yeah I agree. Though saying that I do have one figure mesh that while fully clothed, one could say the same thing :D guffaw


SCI-FI 02-18-2020 08:20 AM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
Wait— how did you do the eyes?
They looked hollow, now they’re gorgeous and glossy...

Raytheon 02-19-2020 02:06 PM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
Painted the eyes in the normal fashion but filled the middle dip where the iris and pupil are with Tamiya clear in several stages untill it was almost level. Seemed to work out ok.

Have to say this one of my favourite face paints, probaly one of the reasons i've decided to keep her...well that and I gotta have something to sling in the new display cabinet once i've finished it :D

SCI-FI 02-21-2020 09:43 AM

Re: 1/4 Scale 3D printed Female Superhero DONE!
Aces! Great job—

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