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AdmiralBuck 08-01-2015 03:48 PM

1:6 scale TOS props
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To accompany the figures, I began a scratch building project to create a few hand props for our 1:6 scale TOS crews on the Miranda and Sentinel. The phaser was started from scaled plans and sheet styrene using a full sized Art Asylum as reference.

The main body was made from sandwiched pieces and filed to achieve the right streamlined shape.

Placed in the hand of the Security Chief for test fitting.

Size comparison to a 1:6 Colt .45:

Details and nozzle added:

These will be molded in a two-part silicon and cast in resin and then painted. A frosted sprue should complete the nozzle tip.

AdmiralBuck 11-08-2015 08:58 AM

Re: 1:6 scale TOS props
A few more mostly final pics of the phaser master. I still need to repair the fin damage from too much glue which softened them. Hopefully, I'll get this into a rubber mold today!

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