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PakRatJR 06-22-2019 04:00 PM

Goldeneye Remote Mine
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Quick and easy weekend project. :D

I had printed one of these a while back but have yet to get it finished up. Bought all the LEDs and button and even worked out the sound for it. And that's s far as it got.

Well...I ws browsing ebay as I do on "occasions" and came across the real joystick for CHEAP, so I bought it of course :D:D It showed up Thursday.

Looked almost new, almost hated to tear it apart :)

Attachment 73559

Almost...this was a half hour later :D

Attachment 73560

Now, I should mention that I had no plans to start on this right away. But, stuff happens I guess :rolleyes:

A hour later, sanded and primed

Attachment 73561

One of the nice things about have a 3D printer, if you happen to need a random thing, such as a mount plate for a button, and you also have a basic cad/3d design program, you spend about 5 minutes drawing that thing and about 20 minutes on the printer and you conveniently have that particular part you need.

Attachment 73562

Attachment 73563

Attachment 73564

And that was enough for Thursday being that I didn't actually plan on doing ANYTHING to it right away :rolleyes::D

Fast forward to today

Holes drilled and a coat of OD green applied.

Attachment 73566

And that is it for now. Next is getting the electrics in, which could most likely be later today :o

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