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Raytheon 08-08-2020 11:56 AM

Samus Aran Metroid game franchise 3D printed 1/4ish scale. *DONE*
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Ok, opening page on my site:

Thread pics!
This is how the texctured render looks off the CGTrader site page I bought the mesh from.

One thing to note in the photo below is the weaved areas on the clothing. That's not just a texture effect, that weave is present on the mesh.

Render of the parrts breakdown.

Parts just removed from the support material and not cleaned up.

Body and the rest of the parts.

Excellently done mesh with the surface texturing and the material stress creasing.

The base had to be chopped in to 4 parts as it wouldn't fit in the build volume in one at the scale i'm printing her. Just dry fit shoved together for a look see.

And long story short, the standard paint palaver on the face and hair.

Yep, it's looking a strong possibility I may slowly be getting the hang of this face painting lark :D

More to come as and when!

Raytheon 11-20-2020 03:25 AM

Re: Samus Aran Metroid game franchise 3D printed 1/4ish scale.
Ok, no updates in a while but she's a done deal and finished in a flurry so here's the last two pages of the WIP log on my site:

Base and the start of the main body painting.

Final paint,assembly and finish.

A few snippets from the pages. Tried all manner of metallics, finally ended up with drybrushed Vallejo silver over Humbrol polished steel.

Main body and arms with two coats of Vallejo sky blue.

Some Vallejo andrea blue airbrushed in most of the right places for the darker area toning.

Lastly, some sky blue with a drop of cold white and airbrushed for the lighter tone.

The stage 1, 2 and 3 pic as it were.

The main colour paint done and all sealed in with a single spray of pearlescent silver lacquer.

The arms finished up. Royal blue with andrea blue drybrushed to bring out some of the nice textured weave detail then outlined in glossy black. Left the dark blue areas matt as a change in look from the shiny bits.

The yellow areas were just cold white, outlined with Tamiya clear yellow then a final coat over the lot.

Emblem on the back of the hand in a mixed on the fly colour, pistol in matte black drybrushed in german grey. The other bits of it picked out on light grey with a silver drybrush.

Same black line and two shades of blue hoo-ha on the rest of the figure and the purple/pinky bits got a brush lashing as well.

Shoes done in an on the fly mix dark blue with Gunze Sangyo steel accents, yellow areas done the same way as the arms.

Time to get this gal together. Arms on.

Head likewise.

And on her base. She be a done gal.

A gallery link will go in the finished section but that this lass sorted so all good! :D

All the best folks!

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