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Tiberious 06-30-2020 07:47 AM

Lady in the Dark - 1/72 Dragon P-61
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Came across the Journey's End GB on Britmodeller and decided to do my recently acquired Dragon P-61. Rule of the GB is that it has to be a subject used during the last days of WWII, so Lady in the Dark was perfect.

Box art says Lady of the Dark, but oh well...

Some saucy spru shots,

Decals, which have the wrong color for the Lady's blouse...

Have to say I did like the red against that black fuselage, but I'll be using Print Scales' instead.

As well as some PE for the 'pits and resin tires from Squadron and a set of Quickboost engines.

First off, of course, was layinf down color in the 'pits, in this case interior green.

Then I did the instrument panel, sanding down the detail and using 60 Sec loctite to get the PE on.

And then more color for the interior parts.

With that drying, I turned to the belly guns. The instructions have them added before the fuse goes together, but I didn't want to fuss with them during paint. So I trimmed some stock rod and glued them in as sleeves that will accept the barrels after paint.

They'll be a little play in there, which is a good thing as I'm sure I did not get them exactly straight.;) Then it was time to load up the side wall details and add some PE and final paint/weather.

And to keep her from rocking back on her heels, some plumber's putty was stuffed into the central fuselage. More will be added to the nose as well as behind the engines.

Then it was time to close it up and test the nose, which uncovered a little snafu from Dragon.

Namely a gaping whole in the front of the wheel bay.

To solve that, I got out from plastic stock and painted the inner surface of the nose cone, and pressed them together to transfer the line to cut.

Before that went together, the plumber's putty was added to the nose, as well as some tabs to help as it is a butt-join, and a little spreader to help match the width of the fuse.

The new bulkhead was then cut and put into place and the nose cone added, which solved that hole problem...

...but left an ugly seam to be remedied...

I foresee CA and sanding in the future!:D

Till then, model on!


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