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Tiberious 08-19-2019 06:07 PM

1/48 Supermarine S6B
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This is the Testors kit, reboxed in '91 from an older manufacturer. I started it about two years ago for the a group build on Britmodeller. Didn't finish it then and so it's sat for a while.

Now, there's another floatplane GB starting up in a few weeks, so I thought I'd finally clear this one off the dusty shelf. Kind of get myself primed.:D

Box art

First bit to do was get rid of the raised cheat-lines on the sides from where the numeral 7 are to be placed. As well as fill in the depressions in the tail for the tail-codes. They were filled in with CA.

All sanded and the lines re-engraved.

Then for the cowl. First I wanted to open up the exhaust ports, and while looking at some pics of the actual plane, I decided to open up the vents on the sides.

Of course, what looked like open ports in the pic were, from another angle, round vent covers... Oops.:dontknow: So now I had three gaping holes to fill in each one.

I found a solution though, in the shape of sprue and heat. I heated up the end and pressed it through the hole. Ended up with a nice little dome.

One thing this also showed was that there were too few 'vents' on the kit, as there should be six per cowl. Three on the sides and three on top.
And also, the ones on the kit were facing the wrong direction!! So, it gave me a chance to fix that.
Once the new vents were formed, I cut them in half and fitted them in.

Looks a little messy, as the heat does tend to warp plastic, but that can be sanded out.

What didn't turn out so well were the exhaust ports. Too many ended up out of shape, so the whole things were cut and replaced with styrene.

Here's one being sanded to shape, next to a resin Spitfire seat that's going to replace the ledge in the cockpit that's the kit's interpretation of one.

Then I decided to put some pipes inside, so I grabbed some round stock, opened it up a little, cut and paired them together.

Looks dang messy from the inside, but nice from the outside!

The pipes were a little too deep though. Rather than cut them down, as they are pretty fragile, I cut into the fuselage side for clearance.

Once those were done, I glued them to the sides first. That way I only have to deal with the fuselage seam once the halves are together.

With those in place, I moved to the cockpit. As supplied it is pretty bare. No IP, a ledge for a seat and no floor. Also, I don't recall if it came with a control stick.

Started with the framing on the sides, then the floor and bulkheads.

I cut down the Spitfire seat and made a new butt for it with sytrene.

There is a ledge just at the front of the cockpit opening and this was formed from curved plastic and card, then glued in place and trimmed.

Then it was onto the instrument panel. I bought some bezels from Airscale.

Then built that up. Not perfect, but it and the one on the floor look pretty good in there.

I also put the floats together, weighting them with Plumber's Putty.
Currently cleaning them up, as they had some sink holes and rough edges. I'll need to re-engrave some panel lines.

I'm painting up the cockpit now, so I hope to have the fuselage closed up tomorrow. After that, it's all the other fit issues...

More to come. Model on!

AdmiralBuck 08-20-2019 06:04 AM

Re: 1/48 Supermarine S6B
Fantastic! I had this kit back in the 90's too. Beautiful aircraft.

Tiberious 08-20-2019 03:25 PM

Re: 1/48 Supermarine S6B
The Brits made some lovely racers. This, I think, is the best one of the lot, and she's a winner!

Some updates today, as I am hoping to have this done before the next BG on Britmodeller, and also have it for the next model show in a month.

The interior was painted up and the gauges, with a bit of a struggle, were applied.

The control stick, which didn't come with the kit seeing how it has a seated pilot, is just a length of wire painted gray and silver with a tiny black on top.

Then onto the seat. The color cutout I have shows a dark red and I just happen to have and old 'custom' mix on the shelf. After a few brush applications, that was finished.

After that, it needed seat belts. A little look through my Misc PE stash gave up an Eduard USN set. They were a dark green though, and I needed tan so I loaded up the airbrush and hit them.

They had already been bent to shape, so after scraping the paint off the buckled, they were added on with CA, which finished the seat.

Nearly completed 'pit...

...except for the throttle assembly! Can't forget that!
The kit did not come with one, and I couldn't find one from an aold build, so I looked for something similar. Ended up finding a good candidate on a 1/72 VF weapon set sprue.

After a little trimming it was glued into place. Of course, I forgot to take pics so just imagine it painted dark green with a silver shaft and a red knob on top. Also a little more forward. After a test fit, I realized that it had to go forward, otherwise it would be underneath the pilot's elbow. So that was moved.

And with the 'pit all done, I moved onto closing the fuselage! Woo!

I foresee a lot of sanding in the future, as the seams are not exact all the way forward, but that won't be a big problem.

More updates to come.

Model on!

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