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PakRatJR 11-18-2012 10:40 AM

1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
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I have wanted this kit for so long I can't even remember when I first started drooling over it :p I finally got my hands on one. :D:D:D

This kit is huge! At least parts wise anyway. Their is so much potential for detailing on this it's ridicules. But I probably won't do much, if any at all.

It just came in the mail last Friday and I had no intentions of starting on it so soon. So much for that plan. :rolleyes: I still don't know what I want to do for paint colors yet......BUT....

Started going through the parts on Sunday just to see what was their. Next thing ya know, the engine is built.....Sunday night....

Got it painted and finished assembly Monday night. Also started on some other bits right away. Next thing ya know....the frame is going together...

Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Two days for the basic frame.
Didn't work on it Thursday. Then Friday night and Saturday night...

Whatta know....its a roller....:eek:

I forgot how nice it was to not sweat the details. :D

I'm thinking I will probably start playing with the wrecker body next. I can get a bunch of the sub assembles done without needing to know things like what color I want to paint it. :hammer:

The Cat 11-18-2012 11:43 AM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
That is looking SHARP.

I've never really gotten into building trucks like this, BUT I enjoy watching them go together and I love looking at them.

I blame my dad for this!:D

PakRatJR 11-18-2012 03:34 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Thanks Cat :-)

I can blame my dad and my uncles. I grew up around trucks. Even spent several years working on them at my uncles shop.

I can't really say I would want to go back working on them again, but I do still spend....probably too much time drooling over them. :D

Neb 11-18-2012 05:02 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Love, love, love Truck models----built a buttload of them as a teenager. Dad drove truck for 30 years and I tried to build everything he drove----starting with the late 50's, early 60's B60 Mack. :D

Have to do one again someday. Yours looks great so far! :notworthy:

PakRatJR 11-23-2012 11:33 AM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Thanks Neb :)

I've built a few myself over the years. Sadly, most didn't survive the various packing ups and moovings over the years.

I managed to get a bit more work done in the last couple days. Got the base wrecker body assembled along with the beams for the boom.

And with a small bit of trimming.....and a shitload of head scratching, grumbling, and hacking the hell out of things....I managed to get the outrigger doors on AND working correctly :D

And the boom

And of course it never fails, I get a nice four day weekend, figure it will be a great time to get things done....and it's 30 degrees, windy as hell and a bit of snow flurries. :mad:

So I guess I probably won't get to do much, if any, painting on it. On the plus side tho, I've pretty much decided to go with the stock color and decals. :)

PakRatJR 11-24-2012 10:34 AM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
A few more bits.

The outriggers, wheel lift and the T bar. I think their is a name for that...but I cant think of it at the moment.

Due to the majorly tight fit of all the moveable bits, I still have a tone of sanding and fitting to do on things. And also because of that, I probably won't be able to paint most of the stuff.


Neb 11-24-2012 10:38 AM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Sweet! :D

PakRatJR 12-01-2012 12:30 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
A little more progress and alot of pictures.

I had to climb out of "the box" a bit more in order to get things to function properly.

It started with the hacking up of things to get the outrigger doors to work right and has moved on to the making of some new parts. Which means the disassembly of previously finished....and :(

First adjustment, the drums for the cables. They were designed to be able to roll the cable in and out. That's all fine and dandy except for the rolling back in part, being that their is no way to get the fingers anywhere to do so.

A quick scrounge through the supplies box got me the guts of a dead pen. The size of which is conveniently perfect to fit the peg on the drum.

Appropriate size hole drilled through the mount, extension added, a spacer made and glued to the extension and the chrome cover glued to that.

And taadaa....a convenient knob :D

On to the new bits. The rams and a spacer for the boom.

The first problem was not having any way to keep the boom centered in the mount. With more drilling and some tubing added, problem solved.

And the rams.

As built out of box, they were soooo horribly loose and sloppy they were useless. They wouldn't hold their own weight much less anything else.

The top ram is stock.

Had to cut the lower mount point off the stock tubes. With three different sizes of new tubing to get the proper sizes, and some you two new ram bodies that are now snug enough to hold the way they are supposed to.


Gunnie 12-01-2012 02:28 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Very nice - this is one of the coolest truck model kits of all time. Looks like you're enjoying yourself building it.

PakRatJR 12-01-2012 03:07 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Thanks Gunnie :)

I am actually having alot of fun doing this one. I like doing all of the detailing and whatnot on things, but I did kinda forget how nice it was to just build something without having to worry about things like where to run wiring for lights, or if things like windows are in the correct spot or not :D

Neb 12-01-2012 03:07 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Damned cool! :notworthy:

PakRatJR 12-08-2012 07:03 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Another update with a few more pics.

Thanks to some nice weather a few days ago, I managed to get some paint on things and started to get some of the chrome bits put on.

Also.....unfortunately.....ran into a few more issues. One is fixable, the second could be fixed, but due to major deconstruction being need to do so, I am just leaving it alone. :)

First issue, the rear underlift.
As built their were a couple problems. The pivot pins are teeny and the brackets are flimsy, the result being floppy parts that break off.....:rolleyes: :(

The old brackets and the replacement bits with new brass pins.

New installed

The other issue with that was that the lift didn't actually go down far enough.

After a bit of hacking the hell out of things for proper clearance, that is also remedied. :cool:

The "finished" lift and a couple more pics....just because :D

The body is just sitting on the frame. I still have a TON of stuff to do on it before it can get mounted permanent.

The issue that I am leaving alone is with the outriggers. They are supposed to be able to slide in and hide behind the doors. Sadly, they hit the body and wont go all the way in. The box they slide in and out of is a full 16th of an inch too far back with the factory mount position :mad:

Their is enough room to move it where is needs to be but I would need to tear apart the entire front of the body to get it out and moved. I'll just leave them on the shelf until needed. ;)

Next up, decaling and taping the snot out of things for clearcoat.


suki5150 12-08-2012 09:40 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Love it.

Very cool kit !

PakRatJR 12-09-2012 04:29 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Thanks suki :)

The decales


And the issues continue...:mad:

I had planed on using the stock decales for this. Going by the very few pictures I could find of the finished kit they looked pretty good and I wasn't really expecting too many issues. Boy was I wrong.

These are the worst fitting things I have ever had to deal with. :wtf:

The first piece on the outrigger door wasn't too bad. The next piece between the door and the wheel well I had to cut a half inch off the front and a quarter inch off the wheel side.

The two pieces between the wheels were both way too big and the wrong shape.

The tail piece that wraps around the back was not only too short by almost an eighth inch, it was also too thin by almost the same. It is supposed to go up to the wheel well and the top stripe don't line up.

And the long top stripe....that WAS one nice long piece....that didn't line up right anywhere. It was a bit better after I started cutting on it, but still didn't look right.

So....after a good two hours or so of screwing with them and getting more frustrated throughout....I made the decision to just scrap the decales. It wasn't worth the time and energy and still have them look like crap when done.

So the removal, which thanks to the copious amount of setting solution used trying to get things to fit....made it damn near impossible.
I ended up going down to bare plastic in a few places.

The damage, including a broke hinge pin on the door.

FUN!!! :rolleyes:

I still don't know what I want to replace them with. I am kicking around the plan of taping and painting but I've had enough fun for one day. I'll worry about that later.


Neb 12-09-2012 07:59 PM

Re: 1/25 Peterbilt "can do" wrecker
Yeah, you've done way too much to make things right to have it jacked up by shitty decals. I'm sure you'll come up with something interesting! ;)

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