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Eagle-1 08-21-2012 04:41 PM

UK Scale building supplies
EMA Models.

This is the UK equivelant of Plastruct in the USA.

I have used this site a few times and had no problems at all. It gets a bit costly on the shipping for folks outside the UK, but I have used these folks before and all went well.


29390 08-25-2012 01:38 AM

Re: UK Scale building supplies
Why use them at all if you can the Plastruct stuff in the states Rob? After all, that's where they get their stuff from as far as I know!

Eagle-1 08-25-2012 06:14 PM

Re: UK Scale building supplies
Hey Nigel,

This new section is to help try to keep links to places that folks have PERSONAL experience with and keep them easily accessible instead of looking all over the place. It's ALSO to try and let folks know what kind of experience you had using these services, which folks ALSO want to know from time to time.

You are absolutely correct, for someone in the USA using EMA instead of Plastruct, it's not the way to go. I wouldn't reccomend that EXCEPT that I HAVE used EMA instead of Plastruct and had very good service.

EMA actually had several "N" scale kits that Plastruct didn't have a few years ago and I ordered several of them, so I thought I would try and let folks know in the USA, that using EMA instead of Plastruct if you need to, caused ME PERSONALLY no problems.

As far as I know, YES, EMA and Plastruct are the same company.



In fact, Nigel, the question you posed is exactly one of the reasons FOR this new section! Just as you asked in the question, some may have had no clue that EMA and Plastruct were the same company. In my opinion, this is something that is good to know!

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