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Tiberious 11-02-2018 08:27 PM

1/72 B-17B '10'
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I know, I still have the Seafire build incomplete, but what's anew abouta thata?

Well it just so happens that right now I'm in the B-17 GB on Britmodeller, and I decided to get into my Academy B-17B kit. I am now of the opinion that the early 17s, up to the D, were the sexiest Fortresses ever out there. Love those shark tails! At the other end of the spectrum is the brutishly beautiful G, but since I've never built a Fortress before, I've decided to start on the earliest model I can get.

Really wish someone would put out either a model or a conversion of the Model 229...

Anyway, here's the kit art work, with my intended front and center.

Everything still bagged.

I flirted with using resin engines and turbochargers, but the turbochargers are made for an Airfix kit and are too small, and I decided not to monkey with resin engines this time around. However, the kit offerings are not that good, so I'll be robbing a Revell kit for its engines.

As with any build, we start in the cockpit and the first thing to do is to cut the kit plastic. For some reason, Academy made the floor of the flight deck as a single level, when it should have a step in it. I cut the floor just in front of the holes for the front seats, and also flipped it over as it is horribly marred by ejector pin marks.

I used two pieces of L-shaped styrene to lower and support the lower floor as they were glued back together.

As that was drying, I also took care of some ejector marks in the bombardiers floor.

The bomb bay will be closed, but the bridge crossing it is important for support, so that was put together. I also turned the walls around in order to use the detail that would have been visible with an open bomb bay.

I also started cutting down the seats, as they are too tall and thick.

After that, I turned to the interior detail, or lack thereof and took out the styrene strip. I'm sure not much will be seen through most of the glazings, but I figure it should be there, just in case.

I also marked out where the rear radio room bulkhead should be placed, and then cut one out of blank styrene, leaving the door open.

A quick return to the cockpit floor saw it glued to the nose's interior, once again using L-shaped styrene to strengthen the butt join.

And then a test fit of the parts so far, with a floor for the radio room glued in. The forward bulkhead of the radio room has also been cut down and a floor put in as a place for the upper gun to be stowed. Pics show most of the guns were on sliding tracks, and were drawn inside the plane when not in use. The top one will be tucked in there.

I have most of the ribbing done on the interior by now. Next up will be detailing the radio room with a table and some equipment and making the distinctive floor for the rear of the fuselage. I've also cut out a hole in the belly for the lower gun blister. The ins would have it glued straight to the bottom, but I'm hoping some extra detail might be seen, or at least a little more light getting though it!:)

On order are some resin oxygen bottles as well as two flight deck PE sets which should give me four PE seats to replace the kit's, and augment the prepainted instrument panel. I'll also be adding some piping and detail to the gear bays and opening up the turbocharger inlets in the leading edges of the wings.

More to follow!

And just FYI, the oldest B-17, a D model named the 'Swoose' is currently under restoration at the National Museum of the US Air Force.

AdmiralBuck 11-05-2018 07:24 AM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Ooooo! I wondered about the Seafire... But! As long as you're still building, I'm watching!

Tiberious 11-06-2018 08:06 PM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
As long as I can get it finished!:lmao:

Progress is slow but good though.

I finished the ribbing on the interior. Even did the tail wheel bay, but missed taking a pic of that.

Also did the rear most bulkhead with an added door.

Then I went back to the radio room, scratching a floor, the rear bulkhead, desk and shelves and equipment.

I even made a small fire extinguisher by the door to the right and put some 'radio logs' stacked onto the table. I figure if any of this work on the inside is going to seen, it'l be in there.

And that's it for now. Model on!


Tiberious 11-14-2018 07:20 PM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Got some more going. Slow progress, but progress it is!

I made another fire extinguisher for the rear bulkhead and then mounted it.

Also made some handles for the ammo cases as well as the radio gear.

I've only had to replace a few of them since, as I can't seam to stop jamming my fingers into the radio room whenever I pick it up...

Then it was onto the rear floor. I don't have a pictures of the B model's waist area, so I'm using the pic of a C model. Hopefully there was not much difference.

And then finished up, construction-wise anyway.

Now, I need to mount the guns. The waist and belly guns are mounted in a circular gimble, and I'm going to try and mimic that. Failing that, I'll mount then as the ins say and just try and fake the look. Then it'll be onto the cockpit, by which time hopefully the PE seats will be in...

Model on!

SCI-FI 11-15-2018 08:19 AM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Phenomenal work!

Madhatter 11-16-2018 01:15 AM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Holy sh*t Thom! That's some awesome scratch work in that interior! Really tidy work mate. I hope you can see some of it once it's all buttoned up

Tiberious 11-20-2018 08:43 PM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Thanks Sci-Fi and Mad Hat.

And yeah, me too! It's a good thing I'm keeping pics, because I think people at best, will be able to discern shapes at least!

Got a little more done today. The waist guns are a mix of the kit guns minus the plastic barrels, metal retainers for the circular gimble/mounts and plastic rod nubs for the ammo cans on either side of the brass barrels replacements. Just missing the cooling jackets.

I had the flash on, so it washed out some of the details...

The interior is just about done except for the cockpit. I'm still waiting for the PE seats to show up and then I can start interior paint. Until then, I'm onto the wings and opening the inlets for the turbochargers. They'll be boxed in later.

After that, if the seats are still not in, I'll detail the landing gear bays and do the engines.

Model on!

Tiberious 01-28-2019 07:38 PM

Re: 1/72 B-17B '10'
Alright, been a little while since any updates occurred. But I'm back to doing some work on it, keeping the mojo afloat as it were.

So, I got a little more work done on the supercharger inlets, grouting out the inner plastic so it doesn't look too thick from the outside.

But I also made a snafu, going a little too far with the file. I sanded it further back to the seam and then replaced it with some styrene.

Then in the mail, the two PE sets for the seats came in, two of them giving me enough for four and those were put together.

Also did more work on the interior, finishing that up.

I finished with the seats, using a combo of PE and decal seat belts. And yes, the decals for the seats are too low. A little woops on my part.

Putting them in however showed they I barely put in enough room for the pilots to sit at the controls. They'd be in for an uncomfortable mission!

Seats in back as well as the sleeves on the gun barrels.

After that it was onto the glazings. The waist bubbles were glued in place, followed by the wait guns. I used clear gator glue to secure them to the glass, dries crystal clear and no fogging. CA was used on the posts.

Glad to see I can see them through the glass!

Then it was onto the little windows, which needed a little help here and there to fit. Unfortunately, the small ones almost all have little distortions in the middle of them. It's a little distracting, but I can live with it. Then the nose windows that cross the seam.

I taped the fuselage halves together and then set them and glued them - making sure to glue on only one side. HaHA!

All set and level!

Did a little more work since, such as starting to glue the halves together and drilling out the exhaust pipes. Will be posting more pics later!


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