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Raytheon 05-13-2021 03:40 PM

'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
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Whatho people!
Got this back in July 2019 and have been having the ocassional bit of tinkering but now getting in to it.
Sculpted by Roberto Von Behr, cast by Randy VanDyke.

This is how she looks when painted by someone who knows what they are doing.

How it will look once i'm done with her remains to be seen.
So to the 'What's in the box' bit. A lot of resin is what!
Crisply cast figure and detail parts.

Paint pots, brush, arms and detail parts-a-plenty.

Nicely done USAAF Officers crush cap.

Main bulk of the very nice body and sperate leg.

USAAF and rank insignia very crisply done.

The sharply sculpted head with some seriously lucious locks.
Methinks i'll be opting for a green eyed red head, with subtle freckles of course.

The two sides of the step ladder and the base that it all sitts on.

The biggest lump by far, the B-17 nose section.

It's no tiddler...

And the serial number stencil decal rounds the pile off.

So to business and the first area to be tackled was the nose section.
Several rivets were AWOL so me being me, I needed to put them back. Some dressmaking pins to the rescue here.
Holes drilled, pins hammered through, a drop of thin ZAP CA and the sharp end chopped off.

So that done, time to turn my attention to the back side as it were. The rear edges were not that cleanly cast but no big deal.

Some quick curing epoxy putty was slapped on, then the whole thing turned face up and pushed down on to a piece of cling film/Saran wrap
or whatever name clear food wrapping film goes by in your neck of the woods. This flattened things out just nicely so I can bung a piece of 2mm styrene sheet on to tidy the look up a bit.

Also a brass tube inserted, glued and pinned so it hase something to stand up on.

The aforementioned styrene sheet got cut and glued on.

Now going for the raw metal look here so in with the gloss black.

Then after letting it sort itself out overnight, Alclad time.
Masked up the some airbrush waving, chrome with a dash of aluminium mixed in.

Some dark wash around the rivet heads, cleaned up.

A decent coat of Alcad aqua gloss got airbrushed on to seal the wash.
Now I had the supplied decal but a few more were needed so I go to it and made up some bombing run markings and a little bit of nose art.
Printed on clear and white decal sheet respectively and much fun was had.

These will get left alone and then a final coat of Alclad aqua gloss.
More to come...


Scorpius 05-19-2021 10:41 AM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
So cool! I'm in love.

Raytheon 06-23-2021 05:06 AM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
I thank ya kindly mate! Happy with how this bit turned out meself, just the rest to sort and that's where the hilarity usually ensues ;)

Tiberious 08-07-2021 04:38 PM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
Wow, very nice work! How's she coming along?

Raytheon 08-12-2021 04:41 PM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
Thanks T!
Sadly nothing more going on since the last update, trying to get back to her but may be a while.

Tiberious 08-19-2021 06:55 AM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1

Originally Posted by Raytheon (Post 297015)
Thanks T!
Sadly nothing more going on since the last update, trying to get back to her but may be a while.



Raytheon 09-07-2021 01:58 AM

Re: 'Morale Support' 1/6th WWII Pin-up Wings No 1
Ok, not much to show but squeezed in a couple of the detail parts.

Added the pics to the site WIP log.

USAAF Crush cap got a look at and a dab or three of paint.
Scrubbed, primed and base paint in Tamiya TS-5 Olive Drab.

Some drybrushing with Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green for the first run over, then the same with just a touch of Tamiya JN Light Grey did the deal.
Strap and visor in Vallejo Beige Brown. Cap badge and strap buttons in Vallejo Brass.

Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash applied where required and cleaned up.
Overall coat of Vallejo rattlecan Matt Varnish and a light touch over the cap badge with Vallejo White Gold.

Looks the part so all good.
A dry fit perch on her head for a look see, as one does.

Paint cans sorted.
Humbrol Polished steel rattlecan applied, buffed and then drybrushed with Vallejo silver.
Red, black and blue paint drips via Vallejo Glossy Black, Flat Red and Andrea Blue.
Red and blue gone over with the Tamiya clear red and blue.

All that lot back in the box untill next time, which hopefully will not be too long.

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