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Griffworks 11-14-2017 11:15 AM

Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
This is my version of a Movie Era Terran Empire heavy cruiser, in 1/1000 scale. The base model is printed from MadMan's Shipyard, where Ricky calls it the MadMan's Shipyard Constellation. Sort of a Kelvin-prise design.

Pics here.

I'm calling it the Refit Enforcer-class heavy cruiser of the Terran Empire, based off the predecessor Subjugator-class. This one is set in the Movie Era of the Mirror 'Verse. After the events of "Mirror Mirror", set in 2267, the Empire made it a priority to find a way to crossover to That Other Place. So, the best kinds of the Empire were given the task of doing so.

After nearly 5 years - and 24 dead scientists and their families later - Chief Imperial Scientist Richard Daystrom developed a way to view into another universe, as well as to viewing into the recent past of that universe. Using this Remote Viewing Device (RVD), Daystrom was able to watch technology as it evolved in the other universe, and developed very similar technology and also adopted those designs for the Empire. The ships were better designed with defensive, and more importantly, offensive capabilities. This allowed the Empire to not only consolidate its hold on rebellious systems, but to reinforce its borders.

And, of course, the Universe they viewed was the Kelvin Timeline from JJ-Trek. I just like the idea of things going a bit differently in the Mirror 'Verse than in the Prime 'Verse. At least, in my Trek 'Verse. :D

The model it's is printed, as mentioned, and comes in 13 parts. Each of the parts is no bigger than roughly 3.5" / 9cm in length. The overall length of the assembled model comes out to roughly 12.25" / 31.2cm. I added an extra, resin-cast Excelsior bridge in place of the supplied piece, a modified the lower sensor array to accept a resin-cast TOS lower sensor on top of it, and an Excelsior navigational deflector dish from the graveyard o' parts section of my SRSR (Styrene and Resin Strategic Reserve). I plan to further modify the model to have a much larger photorp deck with better details, and maybe an aft facing photorp deck opposite the forward tubes, or perhaps a single tube located at the same level, possibly mounted to the lower secondary hull.

I've also not yet decided on a paint color, decal arrangement, or font style to use. I do plan to utilize Terran Empire emblem decals that I have on-hand from several different PNT Models decal sets. I'm leaning towards a TOS-ish color for the main hull, with large TE emblems on the top and bottom of the primary hull, and smaller emblems on the nacelles and secondary hull.

More to come, obviously.

Pics here.

Tiberious 11-14-2017 06:43 PM

Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
That's looking real nice. Like that design. Can already tell it's going to look great.

Griffworks 11-16-2017 01:11 PM

Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
Thanks, Thom! I'm trying to make myself remain focused on this build and not start anything new!

BTW, I'm taking suggestions for this ship. As I mentioned above, this is an Enforcer-class Battlecruiser, tho I don't want to name her Enforcer or Enterprise - I'll buy and build another for Enterprise down the road. I also don't want to go with Defiant, either for two reasons - 1) I intend to honor the two-part ENT episodes "Through a Mirror, Darkly" by building a PL/R2 TOS Defiant, changing the markings to that of the Terran Empire; and B) the Emperor wouldn't want a newbuild ship that could be used as a sumbol for rebellion.

And yeah, I know - "but yer keepin' TOS Defiant in the Emperor's Fleet!" Yep, that's a symbol of his defiance over what could be construed as a destiny to be more humane and generous.

A few names I've considered:
Emperor's Hand
Emperor's Sword
Emperor's Sword Hand (j/k)
Phillip Green - or Col. Green
John Frederick Paxton - or JF Paxton
Tarsus IV
Garth of Izar
Sun Tsu

Please, feel free to join in!

kellyj 11-23-2017 10:39 PM

Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
A few names that might work in the Terran Empire: Executer/Executioner, Excelsior (homage to the Trek3 Excelsior), Excoriate, Eliminator, Assassin, Clipper (see Bad Lands).

Griffworks 11-24-2017 10:56 AM

Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
Ooooh! I like Eliminator! Thanks for that suggestion. It's also my favorite ZZ Top album. :lol:

I get the Clipper reference. I watched the first season of Bad Lands, tho didn't go back to it when Season Two came up. while the first two ep's were good a sister enjoyed the last two, it was just too slow in between, for the most part. I might take the time in the future to binge it all, tho. Maybe it'll flow a bit better than Way? How was the second season.

Richard Baker 12-29-2017 11:03 AM

Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale
That is a wonderful hybrid design- it looks both functional and experimental

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