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Spiker 08-26-2016 12:56 AM

INT: Studio Scale ROTJ Rancor
Finally a true Studio Scale Rancor is offered :)

Made by a very talented artist this is the first time something like this sees the light of the day.

It is offered in kit form or fully built and painted (ready for display)!

This Rancor is full Studio Scale like the puppet that Phil Tippett used in ROTJ. That means more then 2 feet high.
Made in Resin.


Kit: 500,-- US$ per piece for the first 10. After that 600,-- US$ per piece.
Ready to display: 680,-- US$ per piece for the first 10. After that 800,-- US$ per piece.

Please PN me for further details.

Note that in the picture the arm chain and earring is missing. It will be included. This is just the first pic of it in raw condition.
Pictures of the built and painted version will follow the next days.

Spiker 09-05-2016 08:04 AM

Re: INT: Studio Scale ROTJ Rancor
Guys, its time for more pics :):):)

The painted one is an example how the finished Rancor will look like!

For your interest:
From the first (discounted) run of 10 Built and painted and 10 kits.

5 Spots for the finished ones are still free
8 Spots for the kits are still free.

Spots are reserved in order.

Spiker 09-08-2016 01:20 AM

Re: INT: Studio Scale ROTJ Rancor
Because some of you asked me here is a new pic with ruler for size! It is 17,5" high.

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