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Default 1/48 B-17F "Bad Penny" - FINISHED

What we have here is Revell's B-17F kit. It's the current RoG Memphis Belle issue. I'd rather have had an older issue because their plastic was better, but I got a deal on this one.

Its raised panel lines kinda dates it, but on the outside it LOOKS fine. Proportions are right. It LOOKS like a B-17F.

That's ONLY for the outside.

Speaking of:

The INSIDE SUCKS. There's a cursory cockpit and a piece of plastic that serves as a nose compartment deck, and that's it. They (Revell) didn't even bother to include anything whatsoever for a radio room, and there is no detail at all in the waist area. So, if you want to display the model with the waist windows open, or if you merely look down into the radio room window, you'll see nothing.

Sooo - I made some ribbing and window tracks with Evergreen strip and channel. It's not 100% accurate, but Bad Penny will never see a model contest:

I'm using the innards out of a current-issue G kit. I'll have enough parts left over for a fair representation of a B-17, so I'll slap it together, paint it, and give it to my 10 year old nephew, who LOVES WW2 heavy iron.

Guts. I'm only really concentrating on stuff that will be visible from the outside. It needs ammo boxes for the 4 .50s in the nose, but other than that, it's almost ready for paint:

Radio room. Because the overhead window will be open (retracted), it needs more attention than the cockpit and the nose. I cut down the armor plate from the seat, and added more of a tabletop with sheet plastic to try and conceal how Monogram engineered that part. All was well until I found out that the overhead is fairly intricate. The whole raised-up area on the top of a 17, from the front bomb bay bulkhead back, is basically a hood riveted to the cylinder of the fuselage. It's one of those things that you tend to not really notice at first, but once you DO notice it, it's forever obvious. Hell, I've been in several real 17's, flown in one, and read a book or two on them, and STILL never noticed it until I had to ask myself, where does the window go when it's opened up???

Pic below. I haven't made the .50 caliber mount yet. It's made similarly to the flexible mount in an SBD. The vertical fins need a little more trimming to fit properly in the fuselage, and they need lightening holes. Ball turret mount will need to be moved maybe 4mm forward, and I need to scratch some side walls for the radio room.

Future plans: Markings - it'll be assigned to the 381st BG, 534th BS in late 1943. It'll have big gray Group letters on the side, and the red-surround national insignia (which will be the subject of a rant in a review thread).

It'll have the field-modified nose - instead of the two widely-spaced .30 cals that the Belle had, it'll have two .50s mounted in the center.

I also thought about putting a crew in it. I have enough figures from other old Monogram kits........

Sheperd Paine, you are my hero!
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