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Default Re: Crow's Nest Proteus and Light Kit!

Proteus Light Kits are IN!!!!!

They are a bit expensive... about $200... I will finalize price over the weekend and start shipping them out next week. Sorry for the cost, but they are totally plug and play. The ring of tiny lights for the dome ring is labor intensive, the mechanism for joining hull top and bottom with electrical connnections inolves custom cast parts with electronics and spring loaded pins fully installed. You don't have to do any "electronics" other than the most basic plugging in and rigging you wires to go out the ship and placing the switches where you want them. Oh... and all circuits have their own independant dimmers! There are warm whited interior lighting, and cooler done ring lighting.

If interested, send me an email "at" crowsnestmodels at remember to swap the @ symbol for the "at"


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