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Default Re: 1:350 TOS Light Cruiser

Originally Posted by AdmiralBuck View Post
There you are! I have been trying to reach you for years! Welcome aboard!
Then to paraphrase Shakespeare our meeting was well made. Thank you sir :)

Congratulations (belated) on your Sentinel build. To say that the end result is extraordinary is a gross understatement and the skill and ingenuity in it's execution is beyond impressive. To actually see it brought to life is stirring. The fire to build it must have been very bright and I'm very glad that you didn't need to wait for any response from me.

Usually I get notifications on posted comments and somehow your inquiry was missed so for that I apologize, there was a graphic already posted further down the page that would have answered your size relationship question. But no matter, you figured it out on your own!

The design does have a somewhat interesting development path over the course of 4 years or so with the earliest versions created about 1999-2000. As with all my models, it was for modifying the game series Star Fleet Command, basically the computer version of the venerable paper and dice wargame Star Fleet Battles. Actually its ultimate configuration might even come as a surprise to you and other members of this forum and if you would like I would be happy to share some unpublished renders and short background on the design. Not too nerdy I promise...

So Admiral Buck, I was very happy to finally find your build thread. I knew you had to have one but it wasn't easy to find. I found it not only informative but entertaining as well. It has a very good level of detail and I enjoyed the background info like the ship's uniform symbols, plaque and the "cast and crew". I don't know what your profession is but you definitely know your way around the Adobe Creative Suite. I wanted to congratulate you here instead of the Facebook. Much better here where you are amongst peers and know everyone "gets it" so to speak. With that I look forward to reading your other build threads and seeing your next project!

Cheers! - LS
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