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Default Re: Star Trek TOS 1/6 Action Figures

Since I'm putting a 'crew' together, I've been looking for interesting headsculpts.

For the CMO:

I like this Anne Hathaway sculpt. She'll be Chief of Security:

This strawberry blonde is cute...I'm sure she'll fit in somewhere:

Science Officer Ramirez. He began life as a WWI Imperial German Infantryman:

I'm working on a 1/5 command chair. In it are the Nurse - (Barbie Summer head on a Flirty Girl body), Helmsman, and the Communications Officer. Comm Officer is a Barbie Raquelle with a 'pivotal' body:

Nurse and Comm Officer playing around:

A word on bodies. Male bodies aren't a problem, Dragon seem to be the most popular and they function well.

Females aren't so simple to pick out. I've tried a few and my conclusions so far are:

Play Toy - Boobs and butts are way too big. Unless you're modeling a Kardashian, they're a no-go. My sample is going on eBay ASAP.

Kumik - not bad but they smell like digitized dead fish. They REEK of a weird chemical smell. The skin color is odd, it's like tanned but dead flesh, a weird brownish gray. On the plus side, they are available in variable bust sizes. Mine is a D-cup, and she's a little too big for credibility. Not very happy with the body - I likely won't get another.

Flirty Girl - I like. They are available in three different flesh tones. They are all hard plastic, which makes them easier to dress. (Kumik and Play Toy have breasts and waists that are made of a kind of rubber. I think they are gimmicky and they're hard to get clothes on.) I'll probably end up with a couple more FG bodies.

Phicen Seamless - Looked good, incredibly lifelike. Has a metal skeleton. I went to move the arms in order to put a uniform on it - one elbow snapped. Lower arm is currently being held on by a piece of 'skin'. It's going back to where I bought it - I won't be buying another.

Barbie - Sleek and slender and looks good in uniform. 'Pivotal' bodies are the best - good articulation and posability. Jointed "Fashionistas" bodies are similar but lack chest articulation. Not expensive at all. Minuses are small feet and hands (a necessity for Barbies). Small feet aren't a problem because my crew will all be wearing boots. Hands are an issue, but I'm going to try and alter other, more properly-sized hands to fit. I like them.

For uniforms, I'm using those from SMcG Customs. Female uniforms are just the dress, male uniforms are tunic plus pants. In order to complete the uniforms I've been buying and stripping Star Trek Barbie sets off eBay. You can find them for under $15 shipped. I use the M and F boots and pantyhose, plus the Tricorder. The Tricorder is perfectly sized for 1/6 but the phaser is too small and the comms are trash.
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