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Default Re: 1:350 TOS Light Cruiser

Thanks Admiral! I knew you'd like that post. I recall during this time having an epiphany..To build the most TOS "Trek-like" ship was to not only closely study everything that Matt Jeffries sketched or designed but also the industrial design of his era; mainly cars but also aircraft (Jeffries was a pilot/owner), diesel locomotives and so on. Before I registered here I saw your post regarding the 68 mercury grill adaptation and thought "that's cool, this guy gets it". More automotive cues in store, stay tuned...

My first career was that of A+P aircraft mechanic, and I had a friend that worked for NASA at Edwards AFB on the X29 program so that was the inspiration for the forward swept pylon. Cool but didn't really leave much room for main engineering or the shuttle bay (already tiny).

The whole Shangri-La connection is uncanny, didn't hit me until I uploaded pics to Deviantart to post here. So what is this then, a "retro-prototype"? lol-Cool stuff /fistbump

More to come, there are 18 more incremental 3DSMAX files, more blind avenues and scads more renders. Will post when I have the chance!
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