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Default Re: 1:350 TOS Light Cruiser

Originally Posted by Jim NCC1701A View Post
Just wondering whether you were influenced by John Byrne's work when designing the Antares? I only ask because your Antares turned out quite different from the one in the Concordance.

This is a ship he did back in '08, the USS Ventura for the IDW Star Trek comic 'Ghosts'.

Hey Jim were'nt you on the Dynaverse Forums? I recall a member there with similar handle to yours and of the kiwi persuasion :)

To answer your question no I went straight from Reverend Trigsters 4-view of his interpretation of Antares, which I cant find on the net atm, only his tmp version. I hadn't seen the Ventura sketch until now. Also I had built my model 5 years prior, in 2003

Original (1977?):

My model, Reverend Trigster's plans:
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