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Default USS Chicago, NCC-2738 - A FASA Loknar-class Frigate

This is the 1/1000 scale Loknar-class frigate, manufactured by the Starship Modeler Kit Factory as the Federation Frigate. The initial release was in Early 2004, IIRC, and I think that they only did three runs of the kit - I currently own two. The design harkens back to the FASA Loknar-class frigate, from the Star Trek: Starship Combat Simulator table-top game, and was also featured in the FASA Star Trek Starship Combat Simulator and the Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game system.

The kit is ostensibly a mixed-medium kit, produced in resin for the main hull sections, plus decals. In order to complete a build of the model, it requires the bridge, lower sensor dome, and nacelle assemblies from the Polar Lights / Round 2 1/1000 scale TOS Enterprise kit to complete the model. Most people usually had at least one set of each left over from a TOS E build, either Pilot or Series pieces/parts, so the conversion kit worked out well for using up most all of the leftover parts.

My backstory for the ship, USS Chicago, NCC-2738, follows.

She is meant to represent a Refit / Uprated ship that had suffered severe damage to her warp coils. This particular refit occurs around the time of ST:TOS, so roughly 2265-ish is when Chicago started her Refit. She was fully commissioned in mid-2266, after 7 months of trial runs.

She's something of a test bed and was given a recently developed warp drive system, the PN-58B - developed by Tycho Shipyards. They also added a dedicated, longer range navigational deflector with sensor dish; turret-style Phaser emitters; and a newer, extended photorp deck which allows for larger internal storage of photorps. The navigational deflector is meant to show the progression to having dedicated nav deflector that we see on most all of the later large ships during TNG and beyond. For instance, all the ships of the Class of '96 - the new ships we see in ST:FC - sport obvious dedicated nav deflectors, unlike the Miranda, Constellation, and Oberth classes. She ain't purty, but she ain't really meant to be, particular for a sort of test bed ship.

The nacelles I used for the build are the 1/1000 scale Sentinel Type Nacelles from UGH! Models which were designed by Bill Krause for his 1/350 scale USS Sentinel build; the saucer mounted navigational deflector and sensor mount is from the UGH! Models 1/1000 Saucer Mounted Nacelle Conversion Kit, Phase 2 version; and the saucer mounted photorp deck is from VA Miniatures, found at Federation Models under Products, then VA Miniatures.

Tamiya rattlecan Primer for metals and plastic was applied, which showed a few areas that needed to be "fixed". I decided to go with AS-5 Light Blue (Luftwaffe) to represent her original paint job, tho will look at getting something more along the lines of Phase II or even TMP style font decals and markings. I think I'll try a light coating of clear orange on both the inside *and* outside of the clear domes.

USS Chicago, NCC-2738 Album on Flickr

More to come....

Itís advised that you thoroughly research those from whom you plan to purchase from Garage Kit Manufacturers that you donít know!
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