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Default 1/2256 Annigrand Star Destroyer

I have two Annigrand Star Destroyer kits(I don't need two kits,one is fine).One was an EVIL BAY purchase (a tad pricey),the other just kind of fell into my lap from a different forum, but was too good a deal to pass up. Both kits are complete,the EVIL BAY purchase is the pristine kit,costs more ($525.00+shipping) the other kit I purchased is all but perfect.A small corner of the hull was snapped off,but it is EASILY repairable. I can sell that one "as is" for $450.00+shipping,or if you want me to repair the broken piece and you don't want to bother with it, I will charge a small fee for the work and materials(mainly some epoxy,glass fabric and my time).It will still be less than the other kit. Serious inquiries only please,contact me here directly.
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