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Default Re: Valley Forge from Silent Running.

Hi Guys ,
Its been a while coming so....
Ok...finally got all the cost estimates together for the Valley Forge and large Dome kit and unfortunately there have been large material cost increases in the 3D printed parts, the brass tubing and manufacturing and screen printing of the lattice work for the domes on the kits .In some ways im not surprised since we started making this kit nearly 10 years ago. The biggest increase was the 3D printed parts have raised by about 150% .There have also been increases in cost of resin and shipping in that time.All the kits from this run will be cast from brand new molds and every part will be guaranteed for replacement
So ..where the VF was $1040 with shipping within the US its now $1300 with shipping within the US. The Dome was $250 with shipping and is now $280 with shipping. Overseas buyers ..we will get you the best price in advance at time before shipping .
The reason im spending so much time explaining the increase is I know the kit was expensive to start and this increase makes it even more but the labor and time spent on making this kit is extensive and I never gouge my customers on the cost of a kit.
With that we are making adjustments to the master to make it even more accurate with help from fellow builders that did even more research and effort in adapting their kits to make the perfect build.
We are also entertaining the idea of releasing the smaller domes that come with the Valley Forge as an individual kit depending on the life of the molds and the availability of the vac formed domes . No pricing has been determined for those as yet...but in thinking $30- $40 with a base.
Lastly...We are not asking for any deposits in advance of the kits production . We will make the kit and when we are within 2 weeks of shipping contact you for payment . The kit will be shipped with tracking and if you wish insurance that will be added to the cost of shipping.We will require your shipping address, e-mail address and a phone # for all orders.
Im sending this out to all the interested parties that have contacted me over the years to inform of the price increase and to determine those still interested in getting the kit and upon your response list you in order for the production run that will determine how many we will make . This will be the final run on these kits and after this we will be retiring all the masters and molds for good.
Let me know as soon as possible what kits your interested in and how many. We will be making the adjustments to the masters in the coming weeks and start production with in the new year.

Thanks again for all the interest in my kits and I hope to hear from you soon


Hunk of Junk Productions
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