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Default Re: Monogram Shuttle Stack

Wow, looks like a joined just in time to see this great Monogram build come together. I've done two of these kits. One was done as the STS-117 Atlantis stack and it is now on display at the Strategic Air & Space Museum near Ashland, NE. The second one I finished this past year and it was customized and done as Moonraker 6 (it sits on my TV now).

Wombat, I love what you have done thus far mate! Your ET tank color looks very good and I love the PAL and Bipod ramps that you added to the ET as well. It is one of the best ETs I've ever seen done from that kit.

The craft paper idea is a very nice one and I may have a go at it myself. I've seen the tape method used and it can work, but the edges for the AFRSI blankets tend to shed. One thing that helps minimize the shedding is to brush on a thinned down white glue mixture over the top before cutting and that tends to help the tape keep its shape. The tricky bit with doing AFRSI though is there is a beveled edge step on the FRSI blankets on the fuselage where they meet with the AFRSI (the wings don't seem to have that). Only way I can think of to maybe represent that step is to putty those areas and sand to shape. I've I ever do a blanketed shuttle model, I may use a thinner weave paper or cloth to represent the thinner FRSI material.

BTW, if you haven't worked on the back end of the orbiter yet, you might want to acquire a new set of the Fisher resin engine bells.

They are brand new and I had a hand in the research on these (and coming up with fixes for a couple minor detail issues which have been incorporated into the production line). They are designed to fit the Revell kit, but they can easily be added to the Monogram full stack kit as well. The rear RCS modules have incredible detail on them, complete with simulated tile and AFRSI detail.
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