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Default Re: 1:350 TOS Light Cruiser

Ok here begins the flood of comments and questions lol ....

Originally Posted by AdmiralBuck View Post
Yesterday marked the end of construction, over 12 months of planning and building I can happily say. "What's next?"

Alclad painted main sensor dish. Gold titanium, dark aluminum and duraluminum. Brass spire was gloss coated and fed a .75mm fiber optic.

This was an excellent redesign of this area. Really superb. This is the biggest difference between the two designs. The shape of where the upper forward secondary hull meets the lower primary I'm gonna modify mine to how you have it. Nice.

Now the oval deflector/sensor dish, grill and profile of the cutout on Sentinel much more aesthetically pleasing than on mine (brilliant), but this is where purpose wins over looks. You probably noted that the on the Aurora the deflector/sensor assembly looks like a separate detachable unit. This was to allow Star Fleet to more easily tailor this ship class to mission specific configurations by use of "quick change" components and modules. Yes the dreaded "pods". I really dislike pod additions on starships but as I'll go into later they were a necessary evil in the Star Fleet Battles universe/timeline. So as starship designer I had to design around this requirement.

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