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Default Frankenstein: Industria Mechanika

My WIP Industria Mechanika Frankenstein by Adrian Smith.

Had this guy for about a year before I was "ready" to start. Personally, I think it's one of the coolest interpretations of Mary Shelley's character ever.

Painted skin using Freak Flex paint and the first time I tried veining; pretty happy with the results.

Shading was done with pastels. Highlights are in oil using Mark's Joker technique.

I still have some touch up to do as well as add the armor, arms, axe and spiked club but well on its way.

Wasn't crazy about the base so working on a custom. I thought about a base where he just broke into an Armory and suited up and wasn't thrilled about it. A friend had the idea of a snow scene faithful to the book. Wasn't excited about that either. Then my daughter had the idea of a "I'm gonna f* this town up" diorama and I went with that. Made the cobblestone out of Sculpty and the walls out of balsafoam. The door will be busted up balsa wood. Gonna do the rest of the ground in plaster/paper with dirt topping.

I'm open and welcome to ideas to make the place look more of the "I'm gonna f* this town up" theme.

Thanks for looking!
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