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Default The Non-Sci Fi Vendor Thread

Thought I'd compile the list of non sci-fi vendors that I've used or know of, to go along with Cat's list...

The Great:

Sprue Brothers
Arguably the BEST online hobby shop on the planet. You will get your order in record time, it will be right and you will generally save money buying here.

A very close #2. If you're in the UK, the EU, or the Commonwealth, this is where you need to spend your hard-earned cash. It will be fast, right and (generally) arrive quickly.

eBay seller "rebelalpha"
Scott Zuieback has a "yuuuge" selection at competitive prices. If you can't find it anywhere else, check his eBay store. If he doesn't have it, 8/10 times, he can find out who makes it and order it for you.

eBay seller "lotsofmodels"
Another quality eBay store with fast service and decent shipping. He's about to make the Cat go bankrupt on battleship parts. 'Nuff said.

The Good:

HLJ/HobbyLink Japan
If you need Fujimi, Hasegawa, Tamiya at good prices and don't mind a bit of a wait, go see these guys.

Close ties with Kinetic means you'll be able to get those kits, and many others at great prices. Shipping from Hong Kong can take time if you pick the surface option.

The "grand old man" of mail order, recent financial troubles have caused a dwindling selection, but it'll still arrive quickly and their customer service group is still professional.
UPDATE1: Has become an "ordering service" for a lot of items. If it says "In Stock/Special Order," be prepared to wait 2 months or more for your order to be filled, since that is Squadron-speak for "Backordered."
UPDATE2: Recent issues have put MMD/Squadron on life support. Be cautious ordering as 2018 progresses. Moved from "Great" to "Good" with caveats.

The Iffy:

Pacific Coast Models
One deal with this hobby shop took forever. Decent communication.

The Bad:

Super Bug Models If you magically get your order from this guy, you're the only one. Stay away!

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