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Default WTB/T: Various 1/1000 Scale Trek Kits


I have things for trade! Willing to work out a deal that we're both happy with. Willing to trade and do partial cash for the right kit you've got.

First, here's what I'm looking for, all in 1/1000 scale. There's a BUNCH of stuff listed to make it easier on you for your side of the trade.

Decal sets for any of the above

Alliance Models:
Decatur conversion
Heavy Destroyer Conversion
Klingon Bird-of-Prey

Delta Quadrant:
Klingon D-5
Klingon Raptor

Federation Models:
Lower saucer mounted deflector
Split impulse engines

Modular Models parts:
Balson secondary hull

MultiVerse Models:
Soyuz conversion

Tetryon Parts:
Any of his Refit parts

What I have for trade:

Movie Heavy Destroyer
Klingon BoP
Klingon Early BoP

JT Graphics:
1/537 scale:
* USS Courageous, NCC-1861 , Miranda-class (custom)
*USS Stark, NCC-3208, Daran-class (custom using Miranda specs)
*USS Loki, NCC-529 (Refit Saladin-class destroyer, custom)

1/1000 scale:
Excelsior-class names/registries:

Berlin, NCC-14232
Charleston, NCC-42285
Crockett, NCC-38955
Livingston, NCC-34099
Malinche, NCC-38997
Potemkin, NCC-1825
Roosevelt, NCC-2573
Tecumseh, NCC-14934

JT-Graphics 1/2500:
Abbe-class Destroyer
Federation-class Dreadnought
Jenghiz-class Destroyer
Shanks-class Light Cruiser

PNT Models:
Alpha Generic Decals
Hull Graphics Decals x4
Mirror Universe
Generic Movie/TNG/DS9

I also have other non-Trek kits to trade - Star Wars, BSG, other....

Itís advised that you thoroughly research those from whom you plan to purchase from Garage Kit Manufacturers that you donít know!

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