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Default Re: 1:350 TOS Light Cruiser

Originally Posted by SCI-FI View Post
There's so much Awesome in this post, I'm not sure how to address it all, so here goes:

1) Can you elaborate on the 3D modeling/printing process you are having done for your nacelles? I'm assuming you are farming it out to someone skilled and who may have a printer. In my limited experience, it doesn't eliminate all problems, but rather introduces a different set of problems (stair-stepped finish, for example). Any info on how that whole process works out for you would be appreciated.

2) What's the foam/material you are using for the detector base? (you may have said it prior and I've missed it...)

3) Where did you get a 1/350 Archer class? I've heard of such a beast, but never seen one. Was it delivered by unicorn?

4) Wait. "Casting" the secondary hull...? As in, 1/350 kits of the Sentinel? For the Love of God, don't leave us hanging...

5) I can understand the "tender" operation, as the tiny Archer may need help to cover distances it normally could not do (or at least, not in a timely fashion, or something), and that Starfleet would have contingency plans to support the smaller ships. Anything that could fit within the larger ship's warp bubble, without "overhang" or adding too much mass, could be transported in such a manner. (Reminds me of the Enterprise-D delivering runabouts to DS9, or something similar.)

Many thanks for the inspiration and education.
That's a lot to address as well!

1) I had someone approach me to produce the warp drives at no charge. He is an established and well-known after market part manufacturer so I said "Please do!". As a gift horse, I don't like to ask a lot a of questions. He seemed confident enough to tackle it with the supplied plans I sent him. He hasn't shared any progress information yet other than he was working on it and as I have no experience in 3D printing I can only hope and guess. I'm hesitant to give any more detail at this point as he may eventually want to make this available for sale as an add-on 350 part through his company. I will leave that up to him once it's ready.

I have back-up plans should this fall-through. I can either scratch a master myself using bulkheads and forms like the secondary (not likely) or enlist the expertise of Blappy who has a lathe and the talent needed to produce the warp nacelle and dome masters. (more likely)

2) The foam is a High Density Urethane. It's used in the sign making business because it's lightweight, tough, easy to carve and weatherproof. It's replacing wood because it has no grain to contend with. I got a box of free samples from a fellow RI member to try out after he saw my attempts using Balsa Foam. I haven't seen it commercially available other than through sign supply distributors - and you have to request a quote. So, no idea on the cost. Sorry.

3) The 350 Archer was delivered by unicorn. It was another gift, this time by Jay Barnes! It is a sweet little model I think originally labeled from Sovereign Models.

4) Yes. I am mastering every part of Sentinel to cast them in resin. I have no intention myself to produce kits but parts might go to the above mentioned person in #1 to be scanned and/or produced as a kit in what scale I don't know. I leave that to guys who do that for a living. Last thing I want to become is a kit manufacturer.

5) Ditto! As I think about it, I'm not too sure it's wise to have a craft sitting between the nacelles at warp speed.

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