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Default Dragon 1/72 Saturn V w/ 3D printed corrected parts

I listed this also in the classifieds but will list here also if anyone has any questions or has interest. Here is my ebay listing for a Dragon Saturn V w/ Skylab with corrected 3D printed parts for all the skirts and interstages with correct rib pattern, quantity and detail. These are printed on a $50,000 3D printer and are a bargain at this price. I can answer any questions pertaining to them and the quality. I produced two parts of each, 1 for myself and 1 to sell. I will not be producing anymore in the future due to print time and material required. This will put you well on your way to accurizing either the Skylab version included or you can put your Dragon Apollo 10 right on top.

The listing shows my Saturn V as assembled with these components and will be the start of my build here. If moderators have issue with the link to the sale in this forum then please delete and I will start a new build post. I hope someone will take advantage of these components and will share their experience and build also.

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