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Default Re: Terran Empire Movie Era Heavy Cruiser 1/1000 Scale

Thanks, Thom! I'm trying to make myself remain focused on this build and not start anything new!

BTW, I'm taking suggestions for this ship. As I mentioned above, this is an Enforcer-class Battlecruiser, tho I don't want to name her Enforcer or Enterprise - I'll buy and build another for Enterprise down the road. I also don't want to go with Defiant, either for two reasons - 1) I intend to honor the two-part ENT episodes "Through a Mirror, Darkly" by building a PL/R2 TOS Defiant, changing the markings to that of the Terran Empire; and B) the Emperor wouldn't want a newbuild ship that could be used as a sumbol for rebellion.

And yeah, I know - "but yer keepin' TOS Defiant in the Emperor's Fleet!" Yep, that's a symbol of his defiance over what could be construed as a destiny to be more humane and generous.

A few names I've considered:
Emperor's Hand
Emperor's Sword
Emperor's Sword Hand (j/k)
Phillip Green - or Col. Green
John Frederick Paxton - or JF Paxton
Tarsus IV
Garth of Izar
Sun Tsu

Please, feel free to join in!
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