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Old 12-21-2020, 04:57 PM
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Default Revell 1/12th '69 Z-28 Camaro OOB build.

Just something simple to build. Just me, the kit, tools, paints and that's about it. No photo etch, no 3D printed or resin parts, no extra wiring/piping or that kinda thing. Only real change will be a specific licence plate that I will sort out as and when I get to that point.

So to business...the box...

Now this can be built as the Foose custom or stock. My one will be stock, in orange with white stripes as that's my fave livery for this car. So in short order format...
Engine built using only the supplied parts. Standard slap together and paint. Tamiya spray for the engine block colour, Vallejo acrylics for the rest with Tamiya clear blue and Smoke to punch up the chrome parts.

Nice enough and won't really be seen that much anyway so all good.

Air cleaner. Just matt black and drybrushed german grey for the surround. Buff with a sepia wash for the filter.

Engine bay. nothing more elaborate than satin black gone over with drybrushed german grey then same again with a little sky grey added.

Underside likewise painted.

Engine in place, air filter on, water hoses fitted, fan shroud and raditator sorted. Some detail paint and stock decals slapped more or less where they should be.

The instructions said I could put a little piece of tape around the heater hoses...

So I did

Drive train, exhausts, steering, suspension all painted and installed.
Only a bit of minor shoving here and there to get it all to fit. Which it mostly does.
Close enough will be good enough for the underside at least.

Turned my attention to the wheels, didn't take a before pic but this screengrab from a Youtube vid shows them well enough.

Always found the chrome on model parts a bit too glaring so introduced the ones I had to a container of bleach and stripped the chrome off.
A goodly scrub and dry off, then Alclad time! Alclad gloss back base then three very light airbrush coats of Alclad chrome.

I like this much better, the metal effect has some depth to it.

The tyres also had a bit of a talking to with some 600 grit wet & dry, used very wet. Just wanted to give 'em a bit of an in use look.

Went over the sides as well. Yes it looks out of shape and it is but once on the wheel and left alone for a while, it'll sort itself out.

And as a show and tell for how it all looks, well, you be the judge.

Have to say i'm really liking the look.

That's the wheels done. Halfway there, now to the body and interior. Which should be the moderate laugh riot these things usually are.

More to come!
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