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Action Figures and Accessories Any action figure related WIPs go here. 1/6, Mego, Playmates, Kenner....anything like those are welcome. Maybe you're doing some bashing or restoration. This is the place to show them off.

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Default Star Trek TOS 1/6 Action Figures

There are a great many different types of action figures out there in 1/6 scale. They've been around for years, I remember big GI Joes and Marx Western figures being popular way back when I was young. They've gotten more ornate and accurate, Dragon makes all kinds of military stuff as well as a couple Trek TNG figures. Playmates makes a few TOS type figures.

I've wanted some different, customizable TOS Trek figures for a while, but the only things I've known about are the Playmates and the Barbie two-pack from around 1994.

Playmates are cool, but few. The Barbies were a good idea, but the Ken looks like a Visitor in a V propaganda poster. The Barbie's okay, her hairstyle works, but her face is uniquely Barbie. Their uniforms kind of suck. 1/1 scale cloth on a 1/6 scale body doesn't look quite right, plus they are made of a kind of felt material, plus their chest insignia are more like a thick commbadge than a patch.

So, what to do?

I was recently pointed to this site:

He sells each color in Male and Female. So, I ordered a couple as a test.

Here's one.

She's wearing an old Mego belt and comm with a Playmates phaser. Her body came from a Katniss Everdeen action figure, and her head is a Barbie Basics head I saw on eBay and liked.

The uniforms are made of spandex, but they look like scale velour. Male uniforms come with tunic and pants. The only disadvantages are that they don't include patches or rank braid. You also have to provide your own boots.

The equipment will be replaced, of course.

A guy is selling 1/6 phasers II's on Shapeways:

I ordered a six pack in Black plastic. You can get two, four, or six packs, plus they include an extra field-stripped Phaser II.

He also sells Tricorders:

You get a two-pack, a Science and Geological with hand scanners. They're on my to-get list.

Also offered, the Type 3 Phaser Rifle:


Hopefully he'll make some communicators, and they'd cry our for photoetched antenna grilles!
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