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Old 12-19-2010, 12:18 AM
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Default Monogram Shuttle Stack

So i've had this kit for quite sometime now,infact since early 2000 but because of a crap job trying to assemble the big ET back then,it got boxed not long after and has sat ever since.It's hard to believe it was that long ago really.

The problem i had was the seams on the ET couldn't really be puttied and then sanded back because the tank came pre textured already.Well least someone with my ability shouldn't have attempted it anyway.To make matters worse the tank was a pretty bloosy average fit as well.So i tried to putty an area of the seam back then and it looked pretty damn terrible on the bit i did.I then just left the rest and painted the tank up instead but because of the area i tried doing it really ruined the whole thing,so it was boxed!

Well some ten n a bit years down the track it's time to blow a crap load of dust off this thing and have another go.I started out breaking it all down again to try and get a betta fit to start with this time.Might have got it a little betta this time but it still took some putty.That though is not a problem this time as i went and sanded all the texture off the tank.The idea is to just try and spray a rough texture back on now and hopefully it look about right for the scale.To me the pre texture was way over done anyway along with a few other things but,it could still be a killer kit none the less.Or hopefully will be.

I originally wanted to build this up as a flight that had a meatball logo shuttle on it but the tank would require a bit of work to make it look like the super lightweight tanks and even as a lightweight tank that it looks to be based on it's still not exact to how it should be.Still it's pretty close and i think i'll just go for a flight that used a lightweight tank over the super lightweight and build it pretty much OOB.

So the flight will be STS-89 and will be the look i'm going for marking's wise.Why STS-89?Well that was the flight i was lucky enough to view back in January 98 so i think it'll make a cool subject to do.

Anyone got any good links to reference of this mission,i found some shots in KSC images but thats been about it?

So the pictures below show the texture that was on the tank that i removed and the tank now back together again and seamless.
To give an idea of size (the SRB's are just dumied up),that ain't no minature door and the Saturn V is 1/70 scale.

We'll see how we go this time with it all?
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