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Product Reviews Got a new kit, aftermarket accessory, or anything else modeling-related? Give us a review of it in this section. We need to hear the good and the bad. Please back up what you're saying with with photos (in cases of poor quality) or references (in cases of inaccuracies).

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Old 03-12-2012, 09:26 AM
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Default Timeslip's 1/1000 Phobos - Review-In-Force

USS Phobos - NCC-2786.

You've likely seen references to this ship around the internets. It's been around a while - I remember seeing it first in 2008. I can't remember where I found it, but somebody released it as an add-on to the Star Trek: Bridge Commander PC game, which reminded me of the old FASA Starship Combat Simulator.

Speaking of FASA, Phobos is regarded by some as a TMP-era refit of a Loknar-class frigate. This is supported by FASA's Federation Starship Recognition Manual . It's semi-canon in that one member of the class, Predator, was seen in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. I can buy that.

To my eyes, there is no Federation starship design that combines grace, beauty, sleekness, and FIGHT! quite like this one does.

Many of us have wanted a physical model of this ship for some time, and Timeslip Creations has made it HAPPEN.

What you get:

The parts come in one big sealed plastic bag, compartmentalized to keep the parts separate.

You get a sheet of decals with one marking option - Phobos. A couple of the decals had flaws, but Timeslip noticed this and added a small sheet of spares:

I call this a Review In Force because it's more than just looking at the parts in the box, but not quite a complete build. (I have projects to get completed, else this would be a Build Thread rather than just a review!)

The parts are all perfectly cast. No voids, no pits, no bubbles. There are very faint mold seam lines but if you're familiar at all with resin kits you know that this is inevitable.

The detail is incredibly fine:


Small parts. I LOVE how the two deflectors are seperate pieces. Also, they're not in this photo but they cast pieces of copper wire inside the nacelle pylons for strength:

Speaking of nacelles:


It's a wonderful kit of a gorgeous ship. If you have any interest in the subject AT ALL then you need to be buying one of these. It's going to be a joyful, fun build and I can't wait to get started.

(review sample courtesy of my PayPal account)
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