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Default KITS for sale or TRADE

I'm trying to thin out the herd.These are kits I bought A LONG WHILE BACK.

Tusukuda (I think it is?) 1/350 Klingon Bird of Prey: Mixed media kit.Primarily vinyl,but I believe there are some resin parts in there?Probably the most accurate bird of prey kit based on the ship first seen in STIII.The box is in decent shape for as old as it is,all the parts are factory sealed.Purchased from a Japanese collector,I've rarely seen this kit for sale in the U.S and when I have seen it, it sold for big $$$.I know I paid $200.00 for it and I thought I got a deal on it since the few I've seen sell for much more.

Argonauts 1/12 ED-209.Mixed Media,vinyl,hard plastic/resin and metal parts.Its smaller in scale, but SUPER detailed.Makes the Horizon kit look like a crappy toy.Also a purchase from a Japanese collector and this kit also "typically" is a "HIGH DOLLAR" kit. Worth every penny for Robocop fans,not just a great build but a nice collection piece as well-$350.00

Argonauts 1/8 Robocop figure.All hard vinyl kit.Also a purchase from a Japanese seller,very nicely made,very accurate,sharp,crisp details tough to find.I've not seen too many sold in the states.-$125.00

Horizon 1/9 ED-209 all vinyl kit.Most everyone knows this kit.Its big,not terrible,but it is missing some details and is a bit soft in other details.Simple enough construction and assembly.In the hands of an experienced builder it can be modified to "screen accurate"(I've seen a few),or just a fun build for an inexperienced builder wanting to break into vinyl kits.-$85.00

Horizon 1/4 scale Robocop all vinyl kit.Most everyone knows this kit.Its big,not terrible,but it is missing some details and is a bit soft in other details.Simple enough construction and assembly.In the hands of an experienced builder it can be assembled into a decent kit.I'd say on a scale of 1-10 in accuracy,its around a 6.5-7.-$65.00

*P.S: if someone wants to buy the pair of Horizon kits,I'll make a deal for the set,just ask

Argonauts 1/4 scale T-800 Terminator.This is a multi media kit with dozens of parts(if not over 100 parts).Mainly hard vinyl with quite a few metal components and some hard plastic/resin.I purchased this kit second hand(never inventoried the parts).To my knowledge it is complete,but can't guarantee.This is a "HOLY GRAIL" kit to some and for many Terminator fans and any of you out there know this kit is expensive and tough to find in any condition.Even buying it "as is" I paid a pretty penny for it-$400.00

AMT USS Enterprise STTMP: This is the commercial kit that came out decades ago.While it is a relic as far as kits go,it is still a sought after kit and collectors piece by many who want a "project" making it screen accurate.This kit is still "factory sealed" and MINT in the box both outside and in.-$100.00

Takara Tie Fighter 1977: This was the first AND ONLY Tie Fighter kit released in 1977(NOT to be confused with the MPC Vader's Tie Fighter) when Star Wars was released.This is PURELY a collectors piece,but it is a kit and can be built.It isn't terribly accurate,but you can tell they were trying to make a Tie Fighter.This was manufactured in Japan at the time and while the box dons "20th Century Fox" on it,it is missing the "Lucas Film" seal of approval and thus the story behind this kit is that it was briefly released(in small numbers) and Takara was threatened with a "cease and desist" order by Lucas.I've not seen these kits sold anywhere much,and the last time I did I saw it on EVIL BAY and it auctioned and sold for BIG $$$(well over $200.00) and a few other collectors selling it for about the same,mine-$125.00

Tuskuda 1/90 scale Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters: All vinyl with two different heads to use,not much to build,but is ready to be painted.It is complete and M.I.B,a pretty big figure overall.-$100.00

All in all,these are only a few of the kits I have.I may have another or two(just ask).I'm fully willing to cut anyone a break for multiple purchases and I may still wheel and deal with you if I have a kit you want.I don't know how to post photos in here,so if you are interested and want a closer look at the kits,feel free to message me for pictures and the the kit you are interested in along with your e-mail.
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