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Old 09-29-2019, 05:20 PM
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Default An Enterprise(ing) Idea

Since we are unlikely to get 1:1000th scale injection moulded polystyrene renditions of the Enterprise D or E before I become too feeble to build and light them, I had a thought.

If I took a 1:1000th scale refit, in all of it's 12 inches of beauty and imagined that that was in fact a 1:1400th scale model that would put the 'actual' size of the refit at around 427 meters.

O.K. but as far scale appearance what would I need to change in order for that 12" model to look like it was at 1400th scale?

I'm thinking of the obvious here: the windows, and docking ports. but what about the bridge dome and shuttle bay?

Do you think at the size they are on the 12" 1000th scale kit they are way to big to work if it were 1:1400th scale? By that I mean in comparison to the other 1400th scale Enterprises the shuttle bay doors and bridge dome on the 12" refit are pretty darn big, but too big to be believable for a 1400th scale?

What do you think? If you were going to re-scale the 12" 1000th scale refit so that it represented a 1400th scale 427M Enterprise what would you alter?
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