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Old 01-01-2018, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: Generations Enterprise D - with saucer separation

Hi, great job, often wrong, like you allways to on the galaxy class, probably the best that anyone achieved yet on this "little " model. Would really love to see your build step by step, this model is still ahead of me, i already did cut all my windows , cut the trenches to the Warp Nacells, modified the Neck to be more close to the original, actuall the same steps the Tetryon Design guy came along. (eg move the 2 shuttel bay doors more up, fix the bend windows problem, and make a nice recplacement part for the ugly impulse engine on the engineering section. I might find back to my model sooner or later, i think getting the atztek multi color pattern done is worrysome for me.
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