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Board Rules and Guidelines Look here for all things related to posting and the rules thereof

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Exclamation Please Read Before Posting

Resin Illuminati was created with the idea that its members should be allowed freedom of speech and expression. The board is here for modelers of all skill and experience levels, to share their builds, talk about techniques and to have fun.

RI was ALSO created with the idea that a board can function more freely with minimum interference by mods or staff. Thus, you won't see "Moderator" or "Staff" or any other such titles in anyone's usernames or taglines. It isn't that we consider staff members' identities to be a major secret or anything; we just don't think it's such a big deal.

RI is broken into multiple sections for posting Works in Progress, Finished Models, Reference Material of various subjects and genres, including real world. There is a Classifieds section where members can buy and sell their items or look for those hard-to-find items.

The Gladiators Section...

If you have been on internet forums for very long, you know that flame wars can and do break out from time to time. On many boards, Moderators will delete or edit posts and sometimes just lock the thread down. We don't believe in any of that kind of censorship. If troll fests or flame wars break out, the relevant posts are split off down to Gladiators. We've done this since day one, and it has worked well. It keeps the build threads nice and civil, yet the 'combatants' are free to continue saying what they want to say until they get tired of typing, with no editing or deleting at all taking place.

Gladiators is to be used for calling out recasters and thieves, not personal attacks. Personal disagreements should be handled via pm, but as previously mentioned, if topics get out of hand, the threads will be split off to Gladiators where the disagreement can continue.
  1. There will be no locked threads
  2. There will be no deletion of threads.
  3. There will be no ban on subjects; religion, politics etc are all allowed.
  4. Ebay links are allowed in the For Sale section for an item you're trying to sell. You are allowed however to post links to items of interest from Ebay anywhere on the board.
  5. The ONLY TIME posts will be edited will be if the post contains a spam link or nude image or the like.
Now that all that is out of the way, we have but these seven rules and they should be very easy for everyone to follow.

Breaking the following rules will result in a seven-day temp ban for the FIRST offense, and a permanent ban for the second:

No duplicate posting. (to circumvent moderation)

Breaking the following rules will result in a permanent ban on the first offense:

No SPAMMING the board or SPAM accounts
No SOCK PUPPET accounts
No illegal online behavior. Commit a crime online or in meatspace and talk about it here, you're banned.
No theft by deception.
No threats of physical violence.
No posting of porn or nude images, even if you think it's art.

Those are the rules* as they stand at 11:00am, Thursday, April 26, 2012. We have but these few rules and they should be very easy for everyone to follow.

Reference images have of late, become a hot topic. The owner of Resin Illuminati takes the position that unless you are the rightful owner of the images or they have been obtained through widely public sources,(ie screen caps, auctions, google images etc..) reference images should not be posted without permission. We encourage and appreciate the owners of various reference material to share when possible and thank all those who have contributed to RI's reference sections. If ownership of posted images is called into question, RI staff reserve the right to remove it from the thread until ownership is determined and permission granted.

***BE ADVISED THAT WE HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO SCREEN, EDIT, OR REVIEW POSTINGS PRIOR TO THEIR APPEARANCE ON THIS WEB SITE, and Postings do not necessarily reflect the views of the board owner or staff. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we shall in no event have any responsibility or liability for the Postings or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from their use and/or appearance on this Site***

The board software also allows for the uploading of thumbnails in the user's post and we urge our members to take advantage of it. When creating a post in the Works in Progress or the Finished Models section, in the edit dialog window click the "Manage Attachments" button. From there you can either upload from or download to the board, the relevant images. Using this feature makes identifying build threads quick and easy for everyone.

Resin Illuminati has a user reputation system in place and available for all members to use. Members can leave both positive and negative messages for each other using the "rep" button. Each user also has the ability to disable the display of their reputation for the "User Control Panel."

Resin Illuminati is here for all to use and enjoy, so quit waiting and register! It's free, easy and in no time at all you can be interacting with the most talented artists on the net! So quit lurking!

Thank you,

RI Staff

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