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Old 05-11-2015, 12:57 PM
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Default Airwolf scale model recreation

Hi everyone

I have always been a fan of the Airwolf TV series. I know it's mainly US fan based but there are some like me in the UK and so I wanted to try to get a scale re-creation of Airwolf made to pay tribute to the pilot episode.

For sure I believe the original pilot together with plot and music score made for a great episode and caught my imagination all those years ago. Even the actors I thought were great.

But for me the star had to be the Helicopter and so this I hope is a tribute to all of the above but most of all "The Lady"

Anyhow, so a quest to try to get something which is worthy of display has begun. Not the nice 1/48 scale models which are available. Yes they look great in my opinion but not big enough in scale for a good display piece. So onto the larger remote control scale versions.

There are a few on the market and unless one is lucky enough to own a Larry Jolly Original, none I believe are exact to the filming miniatures used. They are just wrong in looks. There is the Funky, Vario and Century versions. I decided to go for one of the larger scale pieces, the Roban Airwolf. This has a pre-built lit cockpit and a good size but the fuselage is lacking in detail but looks great from a distance in the air even though the colour is wrong. Airwolf was not black in colour.

Now I cant fly for love nor money and to have all the money spent on a project in order for me to crash it is pointless. So I wont be wasting money on engines and servos I just want the thing to look great on display. Perhaps in the future but funds are limited.

So I have commissioned this as a major project using a pro builder and we will see how the project takes off.

This is to be based on the photo show in this thread and recreates Airwolf at the back end of the original pilot episode where Sting goes after Moffett the original designer of Airwolf. Airwolf has been through hell and is flying through a narrow valley and is being shot at by a brigade of Libyan tanks and so the many shell hits which miss Airwolf hit the ground close by and cover the heli in sand and dirt and the heli looks battered and weathered to hell. This is something I wanted, not a shiny looking beast like many owners have but something a little more true to a weathered scale heli which has seen serious action.

I hope u all enjoy the ride those who have interest in this unusual project. Not something one sees in the UK!!! More to follow soon

PS the Roban Airwolf I purchased from a UK store and here is the link so you can see the size of this thing. Not a true shape but close.

Please see the attached link for the Airwolf build project Replica Prop Forum

Thanks for looking
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