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Old 05-22-2018, 08:00 AM
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Default Re: ST The Motion Picture Refit 1/350th

WOW!Thank you for all that.I hope I didn't ask too many questions.I still have a 1/350 re-fit that I bought when it first came out(had two,sold one).I've always wanted to get a Deboer kit,but it isn't just the cost,but "the size".I know of someone else I am sure you are familiar with "Nemvia"(I think?) who has built/made more accurate a Deboer Enterprise + scratch built an "in scale" Dry Dock!INSANE!He has been working on it for quite some time,but it is really something to see if you haven't.I'm not afraid to build the 1/350,but I want to do it right.I'm not sure if I could ever get as close as you have with this one.I think I still have a couple of the resin upgrades I bought from you way back when and it seems you have either(for this one) done or had made a few others,or am I mistaken?Ever think of having the improved parts done on "Shapeways" or anything?I'm not that good with installing lights and well,I think you are years ahead of me with the airbrush which I am going to attempt to improve greatly on this summer.Most all my projects of the past were "one shot" colors for the most part(easy to paint).Still,I am in awe of your latest re-fit.LOOKS AMAZING.I can only hope to get close to it.
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